COSCO SHIPPING Lines Hainan Successfully Ships Fresh Coffee Beans from El Salvador to China

COSCO SHIPPING Lines Hainan, a subsidiary of China COSCO Shipping Group, has successfully shipped a new shipment of fresh coffee beans from El Salvador to Hainan, China. The shipment passed through Mexico and crossed the Pacific Ocean before reaching its final destination.

This shipment is the latest example of COSCO SHIPPING Lines Hainan's commitment to bridging the supply chain between coffee farmers and domestic buyers. The company's professional shipping services have helped to establish a maritime bridge between El Salvador and Hainan, making it possible for Chinese consumers to enjoy fresh, high-quality coffee beans from El Salvador.

Hainan's coffee industry is experiencing continuous growth thanks to the implementation of favorable policies for processing in Hainan Free Trade Port. Coffee supply chains are becoming more integrated, making Hainan's coffee industry a prominent feature. Numerous food factories, both large and small, have been operationalized in Yangpu, contributing to the establishment of a coffee production base in Hainan with sufficient storage and roasting capacities.

The successful shipment of fresh coffee beans from El Salvador to Hainan is a testament to COSCO SHIPPING Lines Hainan's commitment to supporting the coffee industry in Hainan and providing Chinese consumers with access to high-quality coffee products.

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