Kuehne+Nagel Road Logistics Team Delivers Flu Vaccines to Over Half a Million Veterans

In a display of remarkable teamwork and dedication, Kuehne+Nagel’s Road Logistics team successfully delivered approximately 150 pallets of flu vaccines to over 40 Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals across the United States in less than ten days. This complex operation required meticulous planning and execution, and the team’s efforts ensured that these life-saving vaccines reached the veterans who need them most.

The challenge arose when a long-time pharmaceutical customer approached Kuehne+Nagel with an urgent request to deliver the flu vaccines directly to VA hospitals, bypassing their usual distribution channels. With time of the essence, the Road Logistics team sprang into action, devising a unique solution that mirrored a “milk run” approach. This involved utilizing a multi-stop lane, optimized for geography and distance, to maximize equipment efficiency and reduce overall costs.

Within just 36 hours of the initial call, the team had arranged for three dedicated carriers to pick up the vaccines from 14 locations across Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. The vaccines were then transported in 14 temperature-controlled trucks to maintain their integrity throughout the journey.

By Friday afternoon, Kuehne+Nagel had successfully made 42 deliveries across 20 states, ensuring that over half a million military veterans and their families had access to flu vaccinations. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the expertise and commitment of the Road Logistics team, who worked tirelessly to overcome logistical challenges and deliver these vital supplies to those who served our country.

“As Veterans Day approaches, we are particularly proud of the teamwork and collaboration that enabled us to achieve this complex and demanding solution for our customer in support of these everyday heroes,” said Joachim Goller, Regional Road Logistics Manager, Kuehne+Nagel North America. “With more than 15 percent of the US population being veterans, and these VA hospitals serving the entire country, we are honored to have stepped up and supported this critical endeavor, which we know will make a positive impact on the lives of veterans and their families.”

Kuehne+Nagel’s unwavering commitment to serving its customers and making a difference in the communities it operates in is evident in this remarkable accomplishment. The Road Logistics team’s dedication to providing exceptional service and delivering essential supplies, especially during times of need, is an inspiration to all.

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