Endangered Koala Yani Finds New Home in UK Thanks to Turkish Cargo

An endangered koala named Yani has been successfully transported from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom thanks to the efforts of Turkish Cargo. Yani, who was born in Australia and later brought to Hong Kong, was the last of her kind at the park she lived in. Due to South Australia's biosecurity regulations, it was not possible for Yani to be returned to her native country.

After obtaining all the necessary permits, Turkish Cargo developed a flight plan from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom that required extreme sensitivity and care. The airline was chosen for the mission due to their experience in transporting live animals and their commitment to animal welfare.

Yani's journey involved an Istanbul layover, and upon arrival in the United Kingdom, she was placed in quarantine for a period. After undergoing all necessary health checks, Yani was finally introduced to her new companions at the Longleat Safari Park.

Turkish Cargo is certified by IATA CEIV Live Animals and has a dedicated terminal for live animals at Istanbul Airport. The airline is committed to providing the highest standards of care for all animals transported on its flights.

"We are thrilled to have played a role in helping Yani find a new home where she can thrive," said a spokesperson for Turkish Cargo. "We are committed to animal welfare and are proud to have the expertise and facilities to transport live animals safely and humanely."

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