Lufthansa Cargo Launches td.Zoom, the Fastest Speed for Cargo

Lufthansa Cargo has launched td.Zoom, its fastest speed for cargo. The new service is designed for customers with the most time-critical shipments, and offers top speed and priority, the fastest capacity access with no weight or size limitations, and special handling processes at Lufthansa Cargo's hubs in Frankfurt, Munich, and Vienna. td.Zoom also includes 24/7 personal Customer Service, that proactively monitors and steers every shipment and takes immediate action to prevent irregularities.

"For highly time-critical cargo, Lufthansa Cargo has launched an unbeatable option with td.Zoom," stated Ashwin Bhat, CEO of Lufthansa Cargo. "td.Zoom is the fastest choice with top priorities, the shortest transit times and a personal td.Zoom Customer Service. To give an example: A shipment from Shanghai via Frankfurt to Zurich usually takes 45 hours with td.Pro, 35 hours with td.Flash, and only 23 hours with td.Zoom."

td.Zoom is available with many commodities in combination with Lufthansa Cargo products General Cargo, Dangerous Goods and Emergency. In addition, customers can book Add-on Services such as Sustainable Choice at any transport speed to reduce the CO2 emissions of their shipments.

"We keep our promise to be the right partner to enable global business. This includes our ambition to become the world’s most efficient cargo airline, while continuously improving our offerings and services," says Bhat. "Optimal customer service means creating the right offering for every need. With td.Pro, td.Flash and td.Zoom, we now have a comprehensive choice in terms of speed of transport, allowing our customers to choose a price-performance ratio that meets their individual needs."

td.Zoom is a significant step forward for Lufthansa Cargo, and further demonstrates its commitment to providing its customers with the best possible service. The new speed is ideal for customers who need to ship their goods as quickly as possible, and who are looking for a reliable and efficient partner.

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