CMA CGM Foundation Welcomes New Partners to Containers of Hope Program

The CMA CGM Foundation, a humanitarian organization that conducts humanitarian actions all over the world, announced today that it is welcoming two new international NGOs, Première Urgence Internationale and La Chaîne de l'Espoir, to its Containers of Hope program.

Containers of Hope is a flagship program of the CMA CGM Foundation that mobilizes the industrial means and logistical expertise of the CMA CGM Group to transport humanitarian supplies free of charge to crisis zones. Since its launch in 2012, the program has enabled the delivery of over 30,000 tons of humanitarian aid to 64 countries in partnership with key humanitarian actors, such as UNICEF, the International Committee of the Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières, Action Against Hunger, and the French Red Cross.

Première Urgence Internationale assists marginalized and excluded civilian victims of natural disasters, armed conflicts, and economic collapse. They provide a comprehensive response to their needs through projects in the areas of health, nutrition, protection, water, hygiene, sanitation, and rehabilitation.

La Chaîne de l'Espoir aims to improve access to surgical care for vulnerable populations, especially children and women, in fragile or protracted crises. They work in 30 countries where they contribute to the strengthening of health systems through their expertise in surgery and hospital engineering, with a logic of integrated intervention aimed at the autonomy of local teams.

The integration of Première Urgence Internationale and La Chaîne de l'Espoir into the Containers of Hope program will strengthen the CMA CGM Foundation's ability to provide vital aid to populations affected by humanitarian crises and extend the geographical scope of its operations.

"We are delighted to welcome Première Urgence Internationale and La Chaîne de l'Espoir to the Containers of Hope program," said Tanya Saadé Zeenny, Executive Director of the CMA CGM Foundation. "These two NGOs have a strong track record of providing effective humanitarian assistance to vulnerable populations around the world. Their expertise and commitment to helping those in need make them ideal partners for the CMA CGM Foundation."

"We are grateful for the opportunity to join the CMA CGM Foundation's Containers of Hope program," said Jean-François Riffaud, Executive Director of Première Urgence Internationale. "This partnership will allow us to reach more people in need with the life-saving aid they require."

"La Chaîne de l'Espoir is proud to partner with the CMA CGM Foundation on the Containers of Hope program," said Dr. François Xavier Bagnoud, President of La Chaîne de l'Espoir. "This collaboration will help us to improve access to surgical care for vulnerable populations in crisis zones."

About the CMA CGM Foundation

The CMA CGM Foundation, launched in 2005, acts throughout the world to support the most vulnerable populations. It operates in three main areas:

  • Emergency: Responding to natural disasters and man-made crises.
  • Health and Social Inclusion: Promoting access to healthcare and education, and promoting the social inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • Environment and Education: Protecting the environment and raising awareness of sustainable development.

The CMA CGM Foundation is committed to working with its partners to build a better future for all.

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