Airline Associations Call on French Government to Implement New Airport Regulation Recommendations

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and other airline associations have called on the French government to implement new recommendations for the regulation of French airports presented by the French Transport Regulatory Authority (ART).

The ART's recommendations aim to strengthen transparency and consultation between stakeholders, encourage stronger operating performance by introducing more economic incentives, and provide stability via multi-year contracts that ensure airport commercial activities contribute economic profits to cover airport costs.

The airline associations support many of these proposals, but urge the government to also apply the single till principle to French airports. The single till principle means that all airport revenues, including those from commercial activities, are used to cover airport costs. This helps to ensure that airport charges are fair and reasonable for airlines and passengers.

Overall, the airline associations believe that the ART's recommendations are a step towards more effective, fairer and sustainable regulation of French airports. They call on the authorities to incorporate them into the planned reform of airport economic regulation and apply them to all regulated airports in France.

The French government is currently planning a reform of airport economic regulation. The ART's recommendations provide a good starting point for this reform. The government should carefully consider the recommendations and incorporate them into the new regulatory framework.

The implementation of the ART's recommendations could lead to a number of benefits for airlines and passengers. For airlines, it could help to reduce airport charges and improve the quality of service. For passengers, it could lead to lower fares and a better overall travel experience.

The French government should now begin the process of implementing the ART's recommendations. This will involve consultation with all stakeholders, including airlines, passengers, and airport operators. It is important that the government takes the time to get this right, so that the new regulatory framework is fair and effective for everyone involved.

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