FIATA Grows in Size and Influence, Serving More Territories Than Ever Before

FIATA, the global federation of freight forwarders associations, has announced a significant increase in its membership, bringing the total number of territories served to 114. This growth comes on the heels of FIATA's Reset Programme, launched in 2020 to reposition the organization as a leading voice in the global logistics industry.

FIATA's new members include the Peruvian Association of Transport and Logistics (APACIT), the Namibia Logistics Association (NLA), the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI), the National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America (NCBFAA), and the National Association of Freight Forwarding Companies and Agents B.U. "Transport and Logistics" in Serbia (NAFCA B.A.).

In addition to its growing membership, FIATA is also becoming increasingly involved in FIATA Regions and with Geneva-based international organizations. FIATA is working with these organizations to address key issues facing the global logistics industry, such as the deglobalization of the economy, climate change, and digitalization.

FIATA has also delivered on key objectives in the areas of maritime, digitalization, customs, and multimodal transport corridors. For example, FIATA has launched the FIATA eFBL, a digital bill of lading platform that is designed to streamline and simplify the shipping process. FIATA is also working to promote the development of multimodal transport corridors, which are essential for connecting global markets.

FIATA's President, Mr. Turgut Erkeskin, said that "FIATA is excited to welcome new members from all over the world. Our growth is a testament to the value that FIATA provides to its members and to the global logistics industry as a whole. We are committed to working with our members to address the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead."

FIATA's Director General, Dr. St├ęphane Graber, added that "FIATA is committed to being a leading voice in the global logistics industry. We are working to promote the interests of our members and to support the development of a more efficient and sustainable logistics sector. We are grateful for the support of our members and partners, and we look forward to continuing to work together to build a better future for the global logistics industry."

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