New Methanol-Ready Coastal Vessel to Reduce Shipping Emissions

Rhenus Maritime Services (RMS) is adding a new coastal vessel to its fleet that is designed to reduce shipping emissions. The RMS Ruhrort is equipped with a low-emission, methanol-ready engine that can be easily converted to run on methanol, a more environmentally friendly fuel, in the future.

In addition to its methanol-ready engine, the RMS Ruhrort is also equipped with a number of other features to reduce its environmental impact, including:

  • A nozzle around the vessel's propeller to reduce resistance and save fuel
  • A special paint that reduces resistance when the vessel is moving
  • An SCR catalytic converter to reduce nitrogen emissions
  • A system for processing ballast water to protect marine flora and fauna
  • A design that meets the more stringent requirements of the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI)

The RMS Ruhrort is expected to be completed by mid-October 2023 and will be able to transport dry goods such as steel coils or wheat anywhere in the world.

The addition of the RMS Ruhrort to RMS's fleet is a positive step towards reducing shipping emissions. Methanol is a cleaner-burning fuel than traditional marine fuels, and the vessel's other environmentally friendly features will further reduce its impact on the environment.

The RMS Ruhrort is also a sign that the shipping industry is taking steps to reduce its emissions. As more and more shipping companies adopt methanol-ready vessels and other environmentally friendly technologies, the industry as a whole will become more sustainable.

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