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UPS’S Circle of Honor: a Combined 117,000 Years of Accident-Free Driving - Ohio Boasts Nation’s Top UPS Safe Driver, and Three with 40 Years or More of Accident-Free Driving

UPS (NYSE:UPS) today announced the induction of 784 elite drivers into its Circle of Honor, pushing to 4,202 the total of active drivers who have steered clear of accidents for 25 years or more. Seven of those new inductees are from Ohio.

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UPSs senior Circle of Honor driver is Ronald Sowder of Springboro, Ohio, with 44 years and more than 3 million miles of accident-free driving.

In fact, Ohio is home to three of UPSs six drivers with 40 years or more of accident-free driving; Charles Loomis of Columbus and James Stewart of Medina each have 40 years. Overall, Ohio is fourth on the list of active UPS Circle of Honor drivers with 217 drivers boasting a combined 6,131 years of accident-free driving.

Of the 4,202 active Circle of Honor drivers in the United States, Canada and Germany, 107 have gone 35 years or more without an accident, including nine from Ohio. Collectively, UPSs active Circle of Honor drivers have compiled nearly 117,000 years of accident-free driving.

UPS is committed to the safety of all our drivers, and of those with whom we share the roads, said Gerry Eaker, UPSs North Central Region health and safety manager. The men and women who have achieved membership in the Circle of Honor are the best of the best theyve consistently demonstrated that commitment by going at least a quarter century without an avoidable accident.

UPSs 102,000 drivers worldwide are among the safest on the roads, logging more than 2 billion miles a year while averaging less than one accident per million miles driven. UPS has 3,921 drivers in Ohio.

When it comes to safe driving, UPS walks the walk, said Kathy Lusby-Treber, executive director of the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety. The company shows a remarkable commitment to safety training and instilling a culture of safety among its drivers, and that commitment helps to keep our highways safer.

All UPS drivers are taught safe driving methods from their first day of classroom training, including the companys comprehensive safety course, Space and Visibility. The training continues throughout their careers.

New UPS tractor-trailer drivers receive 80 hours of computer-based and on-the-road training before operating equipment. Before training drivers in their home districts, brown-clad UPS managers complete a grueling, boot camp-like three week course at one of the toughest driving schools in America, UPS Driver Training School in South Holland, Ill.

UPS package car drivers take 20 hours of computer-based and on-the-road training, plus three safety ride evaluations during their first 22 days on the job.

Over the last few years, more than 150 U.S. companies and state agencies have sought to replicate UPS drivers success by asking to benchmark the companys training and methods.

UPSs senior safe driver in 2006 is Kentucky District tractor-trailer driver Ron Sowder, who has driven for 44 years without an accident.

While most of the honorees work in the United States, the Circle also includes drivers in Canada and Germany. All were formally recognized today in a two-page advertising spread published in USA Today.

In every UPS District where they work, new Circle of Honor members and their spouses are being honored at weekend ceremonies highlighting their achievement. All active drivers who have maintained their accident-free record also are invited along with their spouses to attend the ceremony.

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