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Despite 9 years' experience of hosting physical Annual Conferences worldwide, SFN Managing Director, Kelly Bunyan, decided to break the mould and revolutionise the concept of a Freight Conference.

As SFN is in its first year, rather than expecting her SFN Members to incur travel and hotel costs on top of their SFN Membership Fee, Kelly Bunyan opted for providing a three day Conference from the comfort of her Members' offices. The event was free of charge, to provide the best possible foundations to generate maximum return on SFN Membership.

Kelly Bunyan says: "Whether a desk or a screen resides between participants, the goal is the form a bond which encourages trade. It is true that an Online Conference removes the ability to touch one another...a handshake in the early stages, a hug perhaps once the friendship is fully formed. However, for the preliminary stages, particularly in the early formative months of a new Network, a Virtual Meeting is perfectly adequate. I am so proud of my Members, the way they embraced the new concept was inspiring. SFN is made up of forward-thinking, proactive individuals who will surely reap the rewards of their efforts."
Around 900 Meetings were scheduled over the three day period, linking 70+ companies in every continent. A selection of participating countries is as follows: Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Portugal, Qatar, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA, Vietnam.

After the event, SFN's dedicated email system,, was flooded with celebratory, bonding SFN Member Comments. Here are a selection...too many to list them all:

"Kelly - Wanted to send you a quick note on the virtual meeting you organized. The system is state of the art and something that other networks would be envious to have. I think your OUT OF THE BOX thinking and organization was TOP CLASS. Keep up the great work and maybe one of these every 4 to 6 months would be great to have." SFN Sea Exclusive Member, USA

"We are most grateful and very thankful to you personally and your team, for the sterling initiative and every effort you have made. This was a new concept to me and I must say that the experience was invigorating. To meet people is one thing, but to see them, their body language, their facial expressions, quickly convinced one of each members total dedication and commitment to SFN." SFN General Exclusive Member, South Africa

"Really appreciate SFN efforts to arrange this kind of meeting to save time and money."SFN Project Exclusive Member, Pakistan

"Thanks Kelly system its great and very clever, we are living in the Networks’ future..... !!!!! Very very clever. We are going to have a lot of success, sure!!!
Thanks."SFN Air & Project Exclusive Member, Spain

"Hi Kelly, Very smart thinking. It worked very well and the first two meetings went extremely well. Contact has been made and details exchanged. Thank you for your help and i will give you a report on the outcome of tomorrow meetings. They have been really encouraging, it really does give us a global reach from our office. Thank you."SFN General Exclusive Member, Australia

"Dear Kelly, Great!!! Congratulations!!! The whole process was handled very well. Thanks and regards." SFN Air & Project Non-Exclusive Member, India

"Dear Kelly & SFN team, Thank you for the great coordination for the latest online meetings to take place. It was incredible experience and hope to be a very active and productive member for our network!" SFN Air Exclusive Member, Thailand

"Kelly& Jess, The arrangements were excellent and undoubtedly the praise goes to every SFN Committee / Support Member. Congratulations".I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and the team for making SFN online meeting a great success." SFN General Exclusive Member, Nigeria

"Dear Kelly, Jess, Many thanks for your efforts to arrange this kind of meeting... This is very good idea... Save time and money... Thanks again." SFN Air Exclusive Member, China

"The SFN meeting online is over, and in the end we consider this was a great success. We congratulate you for the great job, as usual you are GREAT!!!!! We would just like to thank you for giving us this unique oportunity and for thinking of different ways for us all to meet. A big thanks to you and Jess and all the team at SFN that made this possible. A great thanks also for all the members we had the pleasure to meet with (face-to-face), and we really hope that we will have some business coming out of our conversations."SFN General Exclusive Member, Portugal

"Dear Kelly / Jess, Thanks for our nice meeting as well as lot of your efforts. It was really fantastic meeting !! To all members, Also appreciate for giving us your nice chance !!" SFN Project Exclusive Member, Japan

"Dear Kelly & Jess, I would like to thank you for your excellent job and the great opportunity you gave us to make new friends within the SFN family. You were able to make easy what I presume it is an "untouchable" hard task (coordinating 70 delegates, arranging 900 appointments, setting up the system, complaints, etc.) - and you succeed!! I look forward to meeting all my new friends + you both physically early next year." SFN General Exclusive Member, Spain

"Congratulations ! it was really very good organisation. would like to thank you for your assist during conference calls. No need travel to meet with face - face. I liked it .:)" SFN Project Non-Exclusive Member, Turkey

"Dear Jess & Kelly + SFN Members, It was well organized, cost savings, positive/fruitful discussions held thru online meetings and live... Let’s all try our level best to develop the business thru members co-operation and support. Looking forward for the next conference to meet all members in Person. Best Wishes To All My Friends in SFN." SFN General Exclusive Member, Singapore

"Congratulations for the most rewarding meeting. This is first of its kind. It was very convenient, costless and it\\\'s objectives were immensely achieved. I also thank all members who attended and made the meeting a huge success. It was an experience that will be in remembrance for a long time. Thanks." SFN Air and Sea Exclusive Member, Nigeria

"Dear Kelly, Jess and all SFN Partners, I would like to thank you all for the opportunity. I very much enjoyed all of the meetings I had scheduled. It was amazing to see all of the group in person and also discuss each others needs and requirements. The meeting diary was very efficient and helped to keep things on time too. I look forward to the next one and also for our face to face meeting in May next year. Thanks again to everyone who participated. We will all stay in touch :)" SFN Sea Exclusive Member, UK

"Hi Kelly, Jess, Great Jobs! And thank you! I met many friends on this online conference, Cheers!!!!!" SFN Air Exclusive Member, Hong Kong

"Dear Kelly, Jess and all SFN Partners, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for this meetings... This is the 1st of it’s kind, very innovative, cost effective and was wonderful... It was a pleasure meeting the agents face-to-face and knowing about each other... I enjoyed all the meetings that I had and hope we together open a new window for mutual growth and business opportunities...See you all in September again... Look forward to a more close knit working relationships with the other agents in this network." SFN Air Exclusive Member, India

"Dear Jess & Kelly, I hope you doing well. Really its a good job to allow us meeting all new SFN FAMILY members, and its the best meeting i have ner made and seen." SFN Sea Exclusive Member, Jordan

The predominant aim though of any diligent Network Owner is to generate business for its Members. Therefore, Kelly Bunyan was delighted to receive, among many others, the following comments:

"Pleased to confirm we have our first booking already!! We are also enquiring today with other partners. :)" SFN Sea Exclusive Member, UK

"Indeed thanks to you and your team for making this virtual meeting possible. Got a good opportunity to meet the face of the people on the other end. Once again thanks to you and your TEAM. Business will come. I have good hopes..." SFN Sea Non-Exclusive Member, UAE

"Go SFN! I've secured business from the Conference Thanks :) SFN Non-Exclusive Member, China

With such positive feedback, SFN Head Office is pleased to announce that its next Online Conference will be in September 2013. The first physical Conference will be in May 2014. Join SFN Members at the next Online Conference in September.

Specialist Freight Networks are filling up fast. Many Exclusive Networks are already full in many countries, don’t miss out on being the only Member in your entire country - obtaining all available business View an online video of Managing Director, Kelly Bunyan, explaining the SFN concept here:
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