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SN Members are Positively Proud

With such a revolutionary concept, SFN Managing Director, Kelly Bunyan, was always confident that SFN was going to attract many new Members in a short time-frame. Kelly says, "Most Freight Forwarders want to be the Exclusive Member in their country, partnered with elite experts - SFN certainly delivers on both counts."

SFN is a concept which gives Freight Forwarders what they want, rather than forcing them to accept a prescribed formula.

That said, Kelly Bunyan adds:

"True, I knew that SFN would be popular, however, what matters to me most is that every SFN Member feels that their investment has been worthwhile; we strive for excellence at Specialist Freight Networks and it is imperative therefore that my Members feel that they belong to an excellent set of Networks."

An SFN General Exclusive Member in Qatar certainly agrees:

"At this stage we are member with another organization as well and honestly I can see very clear the difference between SFN and the other by showing the interest and focus by SFN staffs to see if their clients are satisfied and how much they care about each members. This is for me enough proof that SFN is professional. As far we support each other and grow both entities together, trust me time will come soon for all of us to see the positive result. We will give priority 500% for SFN members without any question."

One Founder Member, Sitaram from Balaji Mariline, is also positively proud of his association with SFN:

"I personally know many of the SFN members and I know for sure that they are dynamic and excellent partners. SFN CEO, Ms Kelly, as an individual, is very focused and ensures that Members:

i) are good and have a potential for mutual business;

ii) have a sincerity of purpose and

iii) are committed.

All the three characteristics, you will find among the members of the SFN Networks. Volumes of business among members are growing. Her selection and the scrutiny of members, plus the developing a network which grows more like a family is her forte (I am also a Founder Member of her other Network where I also have many wonderful partners). You would enjoy being a part of the Specialist Freight Networks and I can assure you will benefit in terms of business as well."

As the quantity of SFN Members continues to grow, Kelly Bunyan is adamant that the quality of her Networks keeps up. Quantity and Quality go hand in hand at SFN.

SFN is an International Group of Exclusive and non-Exclusive Specialist Freight Networks operating under one unifying umbrella. SFN’s Networks links together elite independent small and medium sized Freight Forwarders, whom are united in their quest to find global, trusted, specialist agents. Experts in their respective fields, SFN Members are able to handle the requirements of global importers and exporters, in an efficient and professional manner.
59 Piccadilly Manchester M1 2AQ
Telephone: +44 (0)161 408 0542
Fax: +44 (0)870 432 1732

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