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In a world full of choice...iPhone or Blackberry, Audi or Mercedes, Armani or is time that Freight Networking caught up and also offered variety; Specialist Freight Networks (SFN) is doing just that. SFN Members are tailoring their SFN Memberships to their needs, rather being expected to fit within the confines of a prescribed formula.

Ordinarily, a Freight Network has one defined offering; it is either Exclusive or non-Exclusive, Specialist or non-Specialist.

Of all the world's Freight Networks, of which there are now over 100, less than 1% are truly Exclusive. In the main, Freight Networks are covering all aspects of Freight. Due to an increasing demand, Specialist Networks (Project, Perishable etc.) are a more recent phenomenon. However, they still only account for less than 10% of the available Freight Networks.

As Network Owners shift towards supplying Specialist Networks, so far, they are not offering Exclusivity...well not until SFN's introduction.

Specialist Freight Networks (SFN) is a unique Networking Solution, so very different to all other Networks, in that it places the choice securely into the Freight Forwarder's hands. Freight Forwarders are consumers after all, just like any other customer.

Kelly Bunyan, SFN Managing Director states, "It is important to give choice to Freight Forwarders. SFN enables our Members to pick and choose the exact formula that suits them. As expected, the vast majority of new SFN Members and all subsequent enquirers are looking for an Exclusive Membership. This is hardly surprising, considering new Networks only ever offer non-Exclusive variants, in order to maximise potential profit. There has been a shortage of Exclusive Networks in past years. My hunch was right, most Freight Forwarders prefer to be the only representative in their country. That said, many new Members are choosing SFN non-Exclusive. That's the great thing - it is their choice to place their company according to their needs." (Kelly Bunyan is also the Managing Director of

Interest in SFN's unique networking solution is vast, over 100 companies enquired within the first two weeks and the level of interest continues to soar. Freight Forwarders are enjoying picking and choosing the specific combination of Memberships to fit with their company's needs and strengths.

One SFN Founder Member in China stated, "The freight network industry needs SFN. Choice is everything in these times."

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