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Year after year, new Freight Networks spring up, promising wonderful returns for an annual investment - ranging from minimal to extortionate. Often these new Networks are started up by a Freight Forwarder whom witnesses the achievements of the world's leading Networks and thinks that, "it looks easy enough to replicate that success" - they're out to earn a fast buck. Not too surprisingly, a year or two passes and these Networks are nowhere to be seen. The fact that they disappear doesn't deter others from trying; the endless cycle or recycling continues - Freight Forwarders are bombarded by Freight Network invitations on a weekly basis.

How to know then which Network should actually be invested in?

It helps when a start-up has an established Network Owner at the helm; steady and experienced hands are best placed to lead the way. Managing Director of World Freight Network (WFN), Kelly Bunyan already has a Network:

- with a proven track record of over 8 years
- with over 220 Members
- from over 100 Countries

With an extensive knowledge of what Freight Forwards need, Managing Director of the new Specialist Freight Networks (SFN), Kelly Bunyan, states:

"Throughout my 8 years of heading up WFN, I've realised that all Freight Forwarders would prefer to be the Exclusive Member in their country, whilst the rest of the world's Membership would be Non-Exclusive, so that there is an increased chance of business, without any competition. Unfortunately, this is impossible; however I am the world's first Network Owner to propose an excellent alternative solution, providing both Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Memberships under the same united umbrella. For the first time, SFN tailors Freight Networking exactly to the needs of its Members."

Kelly has a proven track record, hence this quote from S. Sitaram at Balaji Mariline, a WFN & SFN Founder Member: "At Balaji, we value our association with WFN & SFN. Since joining, we have been able to develop aggressive business with various partners in the network..."

Specialist Freight Networks (SFN) is a unique networking concept and launched in May 2012 - SFN is unprecedented in the Freight Networking Industry. Freight Forwarders can choose between an Exclusive version of each Specialist Network - genuinely just 1 Member per Country - and a non-Exclusive version (capped at 3 Members per country) of each Specialist Network (General, Air, Sea, Road, Project, Perishable, Hazardous, Personal, Time Sensitive, Live Animals).

A truly Exclusive Network hasn't been launched in over a decade; Kelly is launching 10 in one go to satisfy the insatiable demand for exclusivity. One Member per country, not per city or per port - for the entire country, China, India and other larger markets included. To cater to Freight Forwarders which prefer non-Exclusivity, an 11th Network (SFN Non-Exclusive) has been created too, incorporating all niche markets.

Kelly Bunyan adds: "New Networks are rarely exclusive, exclusivity is not of interest to Network Owners as income is limited.

- I'm different. I'm in pursuit of an alternative goal to profit - the success of a new challenge. I could have just replicated WFN for example - it is a successful business model. However, I did not wish to provide a direct competitor to WFN, plus I wanted to shake up the Freight Networking industry and endeavour to offer a Network that best fits Freight forwarders’ unique needs.

- It is time for the Freight Forwarder to take the power of Networking into their own hands, tailoring their Membership to their exact needs, rather than being limited to the narrowest of options.

- It is no secret that networking is the single most powerful marketing tool for Freight Forwarders - with SFN, the empowerment is greater than ever."

For more details, please visit
59 Piccadilly Manchester M1 2AQ
Telephone: +44 (0)161 408 0542
Fax: +44 (0)870 432 1732

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