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Next generation in freight communication and tracking

Let’s get straight to the point, what are freight forwarders and what exactly do they do?

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Pangaea is a revolutionary communication and collaboration tool that brings parties together in a way that was unthinkable until now. By combining the latest technology with notions designed to radically improve communications between parties, the developers of Pangaea who have worked in, and understand, the industry, have created a tool that is already changing the face of the freight forwarding industry. Unlike other software, that tries to be ‘all things, to all people’; it is specific to the freight forwarding industry. And that’s why it’s a winner!

Pangaea goes back more than a decade. As Maryann Farrugia, the founder of Pangaea Software explains, “After the notion developed steadily over a decade ago, living with Pangaea has been both exhilarating and frustrating. Exhilarating because we have always known the impact that Pangaea would have, but frustrating because developing such a tool takes time.”

So what exactly is Pangaea and how can it help you? Pangaea’s ingenuity lies in the way that it enables all parties in the supply chain to collaborate within the one system for air, sea, import and export. The main benefit is the affordable IT platform that gives small to medium businesses the opportunity to compete against the multinationals.

Pangaea is not merely another tracking tool. It has been specifically designed for users to communicate directly with one another, because at the end of the day it’s the position of the freight is all that counts. But what happens when unforeseen circumstances arise? Pangaea gives users every opportunity to ensure quick, safe delivery of freight by connecting independent freight forwarders directly with each other. By logging into the same system with the use of a single username and password and viewing all the details of their shipments, they are able update each other’s orders, according to the latest information.

A special feature of Pangaea is the Order Pipeline. The beauty of which provides freight forwarders, importers and exporters with a colour-coded snapshot of the status of their orders in one screen. In a flash, users can see if an order is meeting all of its milestones and the Order Pipeline can be configured according to each user’s own Configurable Business Logic (CBL).

Maryann Farrugia is delighted with the take-up of Pangaea since its arrival on the market last year. “We now have users in more than 70 countries,” she says. “And all the feedback we get indicates that our system has given our users a major competitive edge.”

When asked which of the system’s functions the users are most enthusiastic about, Maryann replies “Numerous users comment on the multilingual capabilities. It can translate information in 16 languages, depending on the chosen language of each user. We have received positive feedback on the up-to-date shipping and airline information and the ease of use. We have negotiated service contracts that connect Pangaea to 90% of the world’s airlines for live updates of ETA’s and ETD’s, and to over 160 shipping lines for updates of sailing schedules”

If the generated enthusiasm is anything to go by, then Pangaea is going to live up to the developer’s claim that Pangaea will become the standard communication and collaboration tool for the industry. But enthusiasm alone cannot convince potential customers to buy the product. The proof is in the pudding. And there are plenty of users already willing to testify that this pudding tastes great!

For more information about Pangaea, visit their website


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