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karim Mehidi is pleased to present you the services of transport "VELOGIC" on BANGLADESH


Air Freight Market:

Air Cargo market has picked in Bangladesh for the last couple of months and it is continuing till date. As of trend, this time of the year shows a peak of cargo movement by air. But this time situation worsened multifold due to congestion at sea port where suppliers / buyers converting the mode of shipping to air to meet the commitment.

Space & Operation at Dhaka Airport Cargo Village:

It is mandatory to security scan all shipments before handing over to airlines. Export Cargo Village has three scanning machines which are not only inadequate but also primitive in the sense of capacity to match the increased cargo volume. In absence of pallet scanning machines, individual cartons need to be scanned and big boxes need to be unpacked for scanning by pieces and be packed again. As a result shipper / forwarders need to take shipment to airport at least two days before in this peak season that even does not assure that they can complete scanning before airline cut - off time. One will witness big queue of trolleys in front of scanning machines round the clock, that creating huge back log.

Air Lines Space:

Huge cargo movement and bottleneck at cargo village has already created a backlog of 7-8 days in DAC and transit times are being stretched by 3-4 days than normal to Europe, North/South Americas etc. All transit hubs are also loaded with cargo thus adding additional pressure on carriers. During this critical space situation, just due to delay in timely scanning almost daily some flights are going under capacity and loading time increased for chartered freighter as well.

Air Lines Rate:
Airlines have been increasing the rates to get better onward from transit hubs. Only the higher rates (Flash Service/Premium Service/Express Service/Platinum Service/Gold Service/Swift Rider/AXB Service) cargoes are being accepted to move and all the air lines are giving ad-hoc rates on each and every shipment rather than spot negotiation. Some airlines are operating regular weekly freighters to cope with the additional flow of cargoes.

Telephone: + 33 4 91 60 68 75
Fax: + 33 4 91 51 67 60

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