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Tell us about your country's trade logistics performance.

The World Bank and the International Finance Corporation are currently conducting a study on Trade and Logistics Indicators, as part of the "Doing Business" project.

The project has been receiving numerous cooperation from several shipping agents, freight forwarders, and individual world ports. We are very grateful for your possible cooperation in this project given your experience in the field of logistics and shipment service in your country. We would be delighted if you or someone under your supervision would be able to fill our questionnaire for the project.

If you are interested in participating in the survey please fill out the 1 page survey which can be downloaded below and email it to Ms Mikiko Ollison at:

The study will be included in the widely read "Doing Business" publication of the World Bank - launched in September 2010. The former "Doing Business" publications of the World Bank received worldwide recognition on over 5000 articles ranging from The Economist, Financial Times, New York Times to the People's Daily in China and Daily Journals in Africa.

"The Doing Business project has also become a powerful tool of reform, read and endorsed by several governments (Sweden, Brazil, China, Germany, Mexico, Egypt, Algeria, Mali, Nigeria, etc) throughout the world. Your contribution may become an essential part of policy reform to your country. As part of this project, and if you so desire, your name and the name of your firm will appear on our publication and website as a valuable contributor and local partner. A complimentary copy of the Doing Business Report (containing local contacts in over 183 countries) will be freely shipped to all respondents. For more information, kindly visit:

If you have any questions concerning the project or the questionnaire. Please do not hesitate to contact

Ms. Mikiko Imai Ollison,
Tel: +1 202 458 1485


Robert Murillo
Tel: +1 202 458 1164


Once again many thanks for your possible cooperation and valuable input.

Best Regards,

Mikiko Imai Ollison

Click the links below to download a survey

Algeria Survey
Angola Survey
Austria Survey
Brazil Survey
Cape Verde Survey
Central African Republic Survey
Cote d'Ivore Survey
Germany Survey
Greece Survey
Guinea Survey
Guinea Bissau Survey
Hungary Survey
Italy Survey
Jordan Survey
Kyrgyz Republic Survey
Lebanon Survey
Lithuania Survey
Luxembourg Survey
Macedonia Survey
Mauritania Survey
Moldova Survey
Morocco Survey
Mozambique Survey
Nepal Survey
Portugal Survey
Russia Survey
Sao Tome and Principe Survey
Serbia Survey
Slovak Republic Survey
Slovenia Survey
South Africa Survey
Tajikistan Survey
Thailand Survey
U.S. Survey
Venezuela Survey
Yemen Survey

If you would like to participate and your country survey is not included in the above list please send an email to Ms Mikiko Ollison at:
59 Piccadilly Manchester M1 2AQ
Telephone: +44 (0)161 408 0542
Fax: +44 (0)870 432 1732

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