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Transform 2010 in a year UNFORGETTABLE!

Although there is an optimistic outlook for 2010, there are several things you can do in your business over the next year to turn 2010 into an unforgettable day!

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First, establish goals for profitability rather than sales. Instead of saying you will grow 20% in sales this coming year, say you increase your profits by 20%. Selling is relatively easy. Profit is incredibly challenging and difficult. Require measures related to the review of customer and business segments, analysis of operating costs and administrative costs, introduction of new financial controls, etc.. Think of 2010 as a year qualitative rather than quantitative.

Second, search increased sales in its current customers on two different fronts; expand revenues in current services, but also direct their efforts on developing new business.

Third, reduce your costs. Identify the accounts more representative and discuss them in detail. Do not use the past history of spending as a reference for the future. Develop a new budget from a zero base. Not because you spent $10,000.00 last year on travel and subsistence, for example, that this year you will spend $12,000.00. The number may be higher or lower depending on the strategy adopted by the company.

Fourth, improve their development processes prices. This will be fatal to the success of your business.

Fifth, reduce costs but not investment. Avoid postpone plans to deploy a new technology, designing a new Human Resources department, open a new branch, etc.. Be cautious but not pessimistic and coward. Companies investing in low periods, are strengthened in the good times!

Sixth, review your portfolio of clients and take time to get rid of those businesses that require too much and they pay very little. At first, leave for a frank and honest negotiation, if there is no counterpart in PROFIT (not revenue), and thank the customer delivered. Care less about the reputation, size and history of your account and more with the profitability of your business.

Seventh, monitor the performance of your competitors. Do not believe rumors, believe in facts and data. Be quick to neutralize threats and be smart to perfect what he is doing well.

Eighth, to develop measures of performance and condition of the income to achieve the goals of the company. Start with the highest levels, and gradually descend to lower levels. Implant the concept of meritocracy!

Ninth, continually invest in their talents. Avoid the maximum lose good staff. Recognition (not just financial), respect and positive outlook is what keeps co-worker in business.

Tenth, invest in web marketing. Direct part of their budget for the Internet and to your own website. It is a more economical and effective means of reaching your potential customers.
Also steer clear of the pessimists. The "vultures" enjoy these delicate moments to expose and throw open their frustrations. Do not let this negative energy contaminate the key people in your company. Remember the good news and quickly forget the bad news.

Finally, invest in managing the relationship with its clients (those lucrative, of course), has more than one SAC (Consumer Service Division). Adopt a pro-active and not reactive!

By adopting the above measures, 2010 will go as fast as in 2009, and will leave great memories for us all!

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