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Traxon launches Traxon ACC Europe ICS

After introducing Traxon ACC Europe ECS in May 2009 to comply with EU export requirements the e-communications provider Traxon Europe is launching an additional module, Traxon ACC Europe ICS, at the CNS Partnership Conference (May 2-4, Miami FL, USA). With this module airlines and freight forwarders are able to lodge in a simple and efficient way pre-arrival information for EU customs in 27 countries via a single electronic gateway.

Frankfurt, April 2010. Traxon Europe will be flying the flag for effective EU customs communications at the CNS Partnership Conference 2010 in Miami FL (USA). The provider of comprehensive electronic communication solutions to the airfreight industry plans to launch Traxon ACC Europe ICS, an easy way through the Import Control System (ICS), at the event.

The EU has introduced customs compliance regulations to standardise and automate its customs filings process with the aim to create a safer Europe as well as a paperless environment for customs and trade. As of January 1, 2011 the EU Customs Security Filing program will finally go live in all EU member states as well as in Norway and Switzerland. From this day economic operators have to provide electronically and in time pre-arrival information for shipments to customs at the first point of entry into the EU. Apart from Entry Summary Declaration (ENS), Diversion Request and in some countries Arrival Notification will become mandatory.

“Our new product, Traxon ACC Europe ICS, provides a single gateway to all European customs authorities supporting electronic customs. It allows the automatic handling of all messages to and from local customs via one EDI interface using standard EDI messages The product is cost efficient. It does neither need a massive investment nor specific staff training. It is easy to maintain due to the single provider and gateway to serve all countries in the EU Security Zone. It reduces paperwork every day and saves time and money. And Traxon will make sure that regulation changes are automatically incorporated into the product”, explains Felix Keck, Managing Director of Traxon Europe.

The new product is of particular interest to airlines and forwarders that import freight to a number of stations in different countries in the European Union. It covers all required messages such as the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS), the Arrival Notification and the Diversion Request. The user provides Traxon with FWB, FHL and FFM messages for shipments into the EU. Traxon then validates the information, translates and maps it according to local requirements. When the declaration is thus completed it is sent to the relevant customs office. If required responses from customs are translated and sent back into the customer’s in house IT system.

“Traxon ACC Europe ICS underlines our will to simplify and accelerate paperless communication along the whole airfreight transport chain from source to final destination. And this of course includes freight communications with customs authorities in Europe,” says Felix Keck.

Traxon Air Cargo Customs (ACC) Europe is a comprehensive EDI solution that now supports ECS (Export Control System) as well as ICS (Import Control System) processes. It uses for customs message mapping standard EDI messages such as FWB (Freight Waybill), FHL (Consolidation List usually provided at House Air Waybill level) and FFM (Flight Manifest). FWB refers to the electronic transfer of AWB information from agent to carrier. TRAXON ACC Europe ECS enables the creation and transmission of the export goods declaration including security information to customs. TRAXON ACC Europe ICS enables the creation and transmission of pre-arrival information to customs for import purposes including the Entry Summary Declaration, Diversion Request and Arrival Notification.

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TRAXON Europe, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), was founded in 1991. The company’s dedicated professional team provides comprehensive, leading edge electronic communication solutions and services to the airfreight industry. TRAXON Europe’s innovative products help the different partners of the air cargo supply chain to electronically manage air shipments and meet Cargo 2000, IATA e-freight, WCO (World Customs Organization) and postal requirements. They optimize global process quality, increase in-time delivery and document accuracy by eliminating sources of error. TRAXON Europe not only boosts its clients’ customer service and gives them a competitive edge but it also greens their CO2 footprint by eliminating the need for paper.

The global network of TRAXON Europe links more than 9,000 offices of forwarders and third party providers of logistics services with some 100 international airlines. TRAXON Europe generated a turnover of about Euro 9.3 million in 2009. Around 144 million messages were transmitted that year.

For more information about TRAXON Europe, visit our website at
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Telephone: +44 (0)161 408 0542
Fax: +44 (0)870 432 1732

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