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Core Cleanse Launches Website to Promote New Product.

New colon cleansing product Core Cleanse launches offering free trials of this proven colon cleanse product. Core Cleanse makes weight loss fast and easy with no diet plans. More details about Core Cleanse, including Core Cleanse ingredients, can be found at

Austin, TX ( FraightNet ) February 20 ,2009 – Core, a website for the all natural colon cleanse product, launched recently. The website details why colon cleanses are so important, the benefits of an all-natural colon cleanse, and the efficacy of Core Cleanse.

“The simple truth is diets don’t address the underlying issues of excess pounds,” said Jim Barton, Public Relations Coordinator for “While exercising and eating properly are certainly important, they won’t get rid of the waste and toxins stored up in your colon. That’s why Core Cleanse is such an important supplement to a healthy lifestyle.”

According to their experts, a colon cleanse is just as necessary as brushing your teeth or washing your hair. It’s a thorough cleansing, or bathing, of your digestive system. A diet composed of overprocessed, low-fiber and low-nutrition junk foods can lead to undigested, and undigestible, waste building up in the body. Over time this excess baggage can lead to constipation, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, even polyps. Some researchers have tentatively linked colon cancer to the lack of a clean, healthy colon.

“Just think of it this way,” Barton continued. “If you never took a shower, dirt and grime would start to build up on your body. It’s the same for your colon. Waste and toxins build up over time, and you need to clean them with an all natural colon cleanse. Think of how good you feel after taking a much needed shower. That’s the feeling Core Cleanse offers.”

But a colon cleanse does more than help you lose weight( According to numerous medical studies, colon cleanses help eliminate bloating, boost energy levels, beautify your skin, improve absorption of nutrients, enhance concentration, and make you all around healthier. “The boost in energy and mental clarity you get is amazing,” Barton revealed. “The best thing about the way you feel after a colon cleansing is that’s a natural high. It’s your body telling you that you’re supposed to feel this way.”

Another benefit of a colon cleansing( is that it can reduce the waistline. The reduction of waste matter frequently leads to the loss of several inches in the waistline. Colon cleansing can often help those who are looking for a trim stomach and a slim waist. Core Cleanse can help people recover the bodies they remember.

“People are always amazed when they complete their colon cleanse,” remarked Barton. “They can’t believe the wide range of benefits they’re experiencing. And they always say that they never knew how bad they were feeling before until they did their colon cleanse.”

In conjunction with the launch of their new website, is offering a limited number of free trials. These free trials give interested consumers a chance to get a taste of the range of benefits a colon cleanse can bring them. At the time of this release, just 55 free trials remain available, so time is certainly of the essence. “The demand for our product is astonishing,” Barton said. “We’ve had to limit the number of free trials we ship every day just to keep from overwhelming our warehouse. It’s clear that America is ready for fast and easy weight loss.”



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