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Major Upgrade for Autoship® Hull Design Software

Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Vancouver, Canada is pleased to announce the release of Autoship 9.0, the industry-leading ship hull design and surface modelling program. Exciting new design tools include:

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Feature Patches™ - A system for introducing local shape control on a surface without dealing with unwanted control points. The feature patch blends at its edges to the shape of the parent surface. When the parent surface shape is changed the patch moves with the change, retaining its own shape

Edge Mate™ -Allows all or part of the edge of one surface to be matched exactly to all or part of another surface’s edge. The user can choose positional, tangent or curvature continuity from one surface to the other.

Project Integration and Export - Surfaces which incorporate Feature Patches and/or Edge Mate are fully integrated into the Autoship project. The surfaces are contoured, intersected, trimmed, meshed and rendered - just like any other Autoship surface. Plus, the surfaces export exactly via IGES, making transfer of designs from Autoship to other programs simple and accurate.

Additional Features - Autoship 9 incorporates other significant advances:

A revised Navigator for organizing and accessing model components.

Edit planes allow you to set up a list of rotated views in the 3D viewer and then edit in that view and have the vertices constrained to move only in the plane of that view.

Alternate main screen layouts.

Surfaces can be coloured, making it easy to pick out one surface in a complex design.

Translucency in rendering.

Single button operation to create station contours from baseline data.

Increased use of context menus to speed access to operations.

Walk through in rendering.

Improved IGES export and import.

Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) is a marine software developer based in Vancouver, Canada. ASC is known for excellence in integrated CAD/CAM software, plus stowage planning systems for all vessel types. To contact the nearest Dealer, click on or email


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