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Donate Money without Even Knowing It allows charities to list and sell products using online auctions and gives the public the opportunity to buy those products wile donating at the same time.

All of us are feeling the effects of this recession in some way or the other. The current financial trends are unlikely to see any sudden or dramatic shift and this has forced everyone to look at cutting costs. While we are trying to cutback on our own personal expenses, donating to charities is becoming totally unthinkable. Even those who are accustomed to regularly donating to charities are unable to contribute to fundraising campaigns run by various non-profit organizations. Almost all non-profit organizations face problems when it comes to raising money to support their cause. Most non-profit organizations lack the needed resources and funds to run fundraising events such as concerts or dinners etc.

IDonateToCharity comes as good news to both non-profit organizations and to those who want to help them. IDonateToCharity has come up with an interesting system that will allow people who use their ecommerce website to donate to charities. The money that you donate when you buy products through charity auctions will reach the charities directly. This site makes it possible for you to donate smaller amounts of money than at regular fundraising drives. Charities too do not have any out of the pocket expense to raise money to support their cause.

Unlike the other online auctions that are run as charity auctions, at IDonateToCharity every product listed at charity auctions is from a non-profit organizations. Visitors can choose to help any charity by choosing to buy products listed by the charity of their choice. Most of the charities that list their products at IDonateToCharity ship to any address in the US.

IDonateToCharity allows only non-profit organizations to run online auctions. The fundraising concept implemented by IDonateToCharity shows sincere interest to help charities in an innovative way. Donating to charities will never get any easier; instead of buying your everyday items elsewhere, people who are interested in helping non-profit organizations frequent this site.

Using IDonateToCharity it is possible to raise the needed funds in the shortest time possible without any out of the pocket expense or the associated hassles of conduction fundraising events. This online auctions site has a highly streamlined ordering and delivery process, which makes it possible to buy the needed products in the easiest way possible and at the same time donate to the charities of their choice. As other value added features, non-profit organizations can also run raffles as part of their online fundraising campaign at IDonateToCharity.

IDonateToCharity is undoubtedly a state-of-the-art approach to fundraising, which leverages the potential of online auctions for a noble cause. Non-profit organizations will also be able to setup special fundraising pages at IDonateToCharity. Charities can also get the needed marketing tools that will help you to raise the needed funds faster. Using IDonateToCharity, you can reach out to a large number of people than you can possibly reach through your other fundraising efforts.

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