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Community Mandatory Inspection Service

Owning a rental property in the Sacramento and the surrounding regions can be complicated with the mandatory property inspection requirements. Expert- Landlord-Resources has effective solutions.

Many property owners who want to invest in Sacramento City and the surrounding areas may not be aware of the regular mandatory inspection that is required for rental properties. During the inspection, the property owner is expected to be present or a represntive. All the rental properties must comply by the city’s rental property norms. If they are found to be violating the norms rental property owners will be given a 30-day correction time to rectify the problems failing will require follow up inspections will be done until the issues are corrected. No additional follow up inspection fee will be charged if the issues are rectified after the first inspection. If the inspecting authorities find that the property owner did not address the problems, then the uncorrected issues will incur inspection fees until the problems are corrected. If the follow up inspections are not done within the 30 days of the previous inspection, then $150 is payable as fine. The correction period of 30 days time starts from the day of the inspection and the 30 days are calculated not only business days but it also includes weekends meaning it will be a 7 day week. Therefore, the time you get to correct the issues is very little. Many property owners find it a hard to make them available for the inspection as they may be living elsewhere. However, there is a way-out for this problem; many property owners are getting landlord help from Property Management Service providers by appointing a property manager. Owner must appoint an on-call company or person if the owner lives 35 miles or more from City Hall. Your property manager can represent you during inspections and they will inform you of the proceedings of the inspection. If any corrections are to be made, you will be notified immediately. As you can guess, to get reliable landlord advice you need to have experts in the real estate industry who can help the rental property owner to manage these affairs in an hassle free way. Expert-Landlord- Resources, a divison of Arbour Real Estate Mgmt, Inc specializes in a number of DIY landlord services and one of the useful services they offer is Community Mandatory Inspection service. You might be thinking, what if I just ignore the inspections and the correction notices from the authorities. After the inspection notice has been issued, you are expected to meet the inspecting authorities at your property during the 4-hour window on the specified date and if you fail, a penalty of $80 will be levied on you. If you do not correct the issues after several follow ups then your property will be moved from Rental Housing Inspection program into Housing and Dangerous Building catgory and no landlord should allow this to happen. Therefore, the easiest way of handling your rental property in the Sacramento region is to make use of the services of reliable property management company such as http://WWW.EXPERT-LANDLORD-RESOURCES.COM

. Along with their DIY services, they also offer foreclosure help and many other useful landlord services.

Division of Arbour Real Estate Management

Inc 777 Campus Commons Dr. Ste 200 Sacramento

CA 95825

Tel: 888551511484

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