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BN BOS have Serbia-Italia-Serbia covered

BN BOS is a company registered for domestic and international road transport as well as spedition services. They have been working successful for nine years and more importantly are constantly improving by: extending the number of their vehicles, employing young, skilled and responsible people. Firstly, they transferred their services to their mother company concerning the servicing of transportation and spedition requests for its business needs (wholesale, import-export, business in shoe manufacturing.

However, the managerial decision was to drastically increase its business outside the mother company by extending the number of large clients and to mainly conclude long-term contracts which would enable more stable planning.

Manager, Nenad Tišma says, “With the development of the wholesale network of BN BOS Company a need arose for the increase of imported goods from Italy whose transportation was prepaid. With time the quantity increased and it became evident that transport with our own transportation means would be profitable (MAKE or BUY strategy). This change in the organization brought about a number of advantages: decrease in wholesale prices of goods, realization of income from services from third parties, strengthening of the company’s image…”

With time the business of the mother company BN BOS extended to Lohn business in the sphere of shoe manufacturing with renowned clients: Lenci Calzature, Lorenzetti Calzature and St. Luis. Here they have shown themselves to be a serious and reliable partner at every moment.

Alongside the impressive number of vehicles they have at their disposal and highly-trained and responsible drivers they also have their own personal service center and parking space for 25 vehicles. Mr Tišma explains, “All of our transportation means and drivers possess ADR certificates and the necessary gear for the transport of hazardous material from classes 2-9, excluding class 7 (radioactive elements). All the semi-trailers have CMR insurance to the value of 300 000 EUR.”.

Explaining further, Nenad Tišma says, “The basis of our business is the offer of transportation and spedition services on the relation between Serbia-Italy-Serbia and Macedonia-Italy-Macedonia. In 2005 we achieved close to 600 return rides for Italy and back, driven around 1, 8 million kilometres and from those 200 return rides with 5 CEMT permits. According to the efficiency grade of the use of CEMT permits (gsl) our permits took positions numbered 2, 4, 8, 11 and 21 on the list of all issued permits. For 2006, 8 CEMT permits (gsl) and 240 bilateral permits were issued to us.”

In order to present their business possibilities better Nenad mentions the following warehouse capacities at their disposal:

“In Altopascio (Florence, Italy), we have 500 m2 of closed warehouse space equipped with necessary means for the following services: loading and unloading, exchange of load, consolidation and proper warehousing and keeping of goods. In Belgrade Batajnicki put 1, we have 250 m2 of closed warehouse space equipped with the necessary means for the following services: loading, unloading, exchange of load, consolidation and proper warehousing and storage of goods.”

In conclusion he adds, “Looking at the development of the EU markets and following all the trends in specialization and co-operation in the field of transportation services, we have decided to do business on the Italian market and to work with powerful companies- leaders in their businesses, however we did not close the door to other markets and destinations. Long-term contracts with stable business partners are our choice on the road to development and positioning on the demanding EU market. We offer guaranteed completion of the agreed transport contracts at given deadlines with maximum responsibility, flexibility and co-operation and in case of re-tours (T-R-T) we offer favourable conditions.”


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