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Excellent Technique of Article Writing-Word Stemming

If you are writing articles to help your home based trade, there is a technique you will be glad to turn out to be skilled at about. It's called word stemming.

If you are writing articles to help your home based trade, there is a technique you will be glad to turn out to be skilled at about. It's called word stemming.

The 'stem' is typically the first part of a word. The usual 'stemming' approach is where you add poles apart endings to a word stem (such as sell) to get new words in the vein of selling, sellable and seller.

You can as well add at the beginning of the word stem to turn out words such as reseller, up sell and pre-sell. These prefixes change the meaning of the word but the whole family unit of words is related, as you can see.

Of out of the ordinary interest to me was a technique I read with reference to in Dylan Loch’s Secret Article Profits. With this way, you can quickly find a large selection of related keywords.


1. This is not your usual stemming where you just add different endings to a word stem.

2. And it's not the other popular approach of adding one or two words previous to or afterwards such as power seller, selling online, eBay selling and how to sell.


The powerful keywords-multiplying technique I am referring to uses a freely available tool to deliver NATURAL keywords in addition to what you'll dig up from the above two techniques. As such it helps you generate the sort of vocabulary (and therefore keywords!) that people use in normal informed discussion about your topic.

That, my friend, is exactly what the search engines want to stumble on in your writing. Natural speech, normal word patterns.


If two gardeners were talking about their favorite topic, you might expect to hear words like shovel, fertilizer, pruning, watering, etc. Those words all go together, along with more specialized plant names etc.

so what they are saying is that when you write, you should have a list of these normal words and expressions that are part of your topic. Make use of those words in your articles (along with your keywords, of course) and Google will identify your article as a first-class one.

So will the folks in your target market.

You'll be speaking their language.

If you need more details than I have been able to provide in this short article, Dylan loch’s "Secret Article Profits". This easy-to-read e-book goes through how to turn articles into income, including the technique I've been talking about.

Dylan's article marketing strategy shows how to provide targeted article at no difficulty that generates profit. I found it both an enjoyable read and extra importantly, a profitable one. Secret Article Profits is solidly recommended.

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