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Release ID: 2390 Introduces Business Media Solutions looks to capture the burgeoning market for social video distribution and the shifting dynamic of media advertising.

Phoenix, Arizona, ( Freightnet ) - June 25th, 2008 – Quired, LLC announced today the opening of their Phoenix media production facility which will cater to the rapidly growing market for rich media solutions for businesses.

Centering on media creation and media management, the Quired solution focuses on helping businesses share information with their prospects, clients and staff through the power of media.

Co-founder J. Paul Duplantis states “I don’t think business owners realize how the effective use of media may benefit their operation. The owner’s vision, their message, their description of services and products are mostly tied up in people or paper.”

Mr. Duplantis added, “A live presentation, if done well, whether it is for training or to present a vision, a product or a service is obviously the ultimate means of communicating an idea but live presentations last once and are a highly ineffective means of distributing ideas to more than one group at a time.”

The solution focuses on the evolution from the “static” approach of ( media creation for business (30/60 second spots for TV and staff training DVD’s) to rich media solutions distributed via web, mobile, email, TV, kiosks and cinema screens.

”The value of media”, says Tim McLain Cofounder of Quired, “is to not only share this media for promotional purposes but to educate staff and clients on the services provided.”

“We are seeing a radical change in how media is used by the business owner and especially the consumer” adds Mr. McLain, “they have to ask themselves if they want to be late to this game”

A signature style of production for Quired is in creating Story Ads ( and 3D character animation to help business owners tell their story and share their experience with their audience.

Most small business owners may feel something like this would only be available to big corporations. “On the contrary” says Paul, “when you look at the cost of traditional print advertising, you may be surprised at how cost effective media can be for your business. Granted, there is an investment, but we have found the investment pays off in the increased level of education between staff and clients and the increased value of each impression due to consistency of message, mass distribution capabilities and the descriptive nature of media.

In addition to media creation, Quired develops media management tools to distribute ( video, audio and photos through existing websites or build dedicated media networks off of the Quired Media Platform.

About Quired

Cofounder J. Paul Duplantis, has created business and marketing strategies for Phoenix businesses focusing on harnessing the power of media and the web and how the convergence of both allows for businesses to more effectively communicate with their prospects, clients and staff.

Cofounder Tim McLain, brings a mixture of application development and artistic creativity to the table to include ( web design, media creation and flash scripting.

The founders of Quired, LLC have worked diligently to create an environment for small businesses to find their voice in such a media intensive landscape.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Quired’s production facilities feature state of the art HD production and post production equipment, green screen capture and professional 3D animation tools.


*4702 N. Black Canyon Hwy.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phone: 602-326-8370



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