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A new era in video marketing

Passionate about filmmaking. Think you are good at directing, acting or screenwriting do you believe you are the best in the industry highly passionate and innovative in making movies but still you don't get the recognition and reward for what you deserve. The time has come for the world to turn towards you, here is a chance where you can prove your worthiness in the industry and get rewarded for your passion. To be simple the producers are available on demand and you get paid for your work.

Crelligence Media LLC, 14 July 2008.Do you feel making movies is a nightmare. Facing the heat of getting right video production unit or a stage to propagate your videos. Here is a solution from Crelligence Media LLC a fast growing technology startup through filming has become as simple as possible.

crelltube is an online platform that allows you to have thousands of filmmakers create videos just for your company and have them distribute it to millions of viewers online through video sharing sites like you tube, AOL and MySpace. CrellTube allows filmmakers to create commercials for companies. By registering with Crelltube, they will have the ability to search through existing campaigns and find the brand, company or product that they like. Then will be able to make a video for that company and be able to post it anywhere online.

The best part about crelltube is that film makers will actually get paid. they will be paid once a month for the number of views, clicks or sales that your video generates and will be able to track their performance right through the online dashboard and request to be paid either through PayPal or by check. Further the can refer their friends and get 5% commissioned from whatever they make from their videos. The filmmakers need not pay any initial amount nor will their credit card number not be asked.

The minimum requirement in making videos or making film is to be at least 13 years and above. The filming doesn’t need a high end camera to show off your videography talent it could even be animation. Technical quality of video is not given a priority rather the number of views.

Once candidate is selected to make video he will be given guidelines by producing brand and the budget. You will make the film and submit which will be evaluated by cerlltube members and producer counterpart. Incase of any discrepancy you will be given a chance will be given to make changes before being rejected.

The producer can track how successful his campaign is through their dashboard. Brand Managers can select from three packages: pay per view, pay per click or pay per action. Then they create the campaign, specify their requirements and post it online. Filmmakers can make videos for that specific campaign and get paid based on the number of views, clicks, or sales. If the video does not produce any sales, then they don't need to pay a thing. When the total number of views, clicks, or sales reaches the limit of their allocated budget, all associated videos will be deactivated or completely removed from video sharing websites. You will, however, have the option of extending your campaign by raising the budget at any time during the campaign.

With film making made so simple and providing a win -win solution to both producer and film makers cerlltube has made history in the way videos are marketed to have more idea about the cerlltube and clarify your query you can visit


Crelligence Media LLC

20B Cedar St., Wellesley, MA 02481.

857 277 9757


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