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Answer for all Acne care questions

Have you ever been concerned by a small swollen red bumps in your clear face. You could be one affected by acne a skin infection. Know what this acne is all about, why it occurs and get remedy to have a clean and clear skin., 12 July 2008.If you are one among few million people (about 80-90% of teen agers) who wake up every morning to find a extra bit of small red bump in your face you are probably affected by skin infection called acne and worried about acne care. Most people who face this problem are neither aware of the cause nor concerned about its consequences. The company YS Foo through their website provides complete information that one need to know about acne care and acne free remedy.

The site elaborates about acne skin care, that Acne is primarily a skin infection caused by a lot of dirt and dust particles from surroundings and other areas where it is deemed polluted and filthy. These microbes and other bacteria enter and form into the skin which mainly results to the blocking of pores. Once blocked, the development and formation of acne surfaces. The site further explains the types of acne like white-heads, black-heads and pustules and the T-region in which it occurs. reports that you can find the causes behind the acne if it is genetic, diet or hormonal and so on, they also clear the air of suspicion of some causes which do not cause acne. The site further emphasis the need for acne care and its physiological effects on teen agers which could be self damaging and destructive and leads to depression from embarrassment.

Acne which occurs in 85% of adolescents can be prevented or cured by taking proper acne skin care techniques. The site provides different medication that can be used to prevent or cure the infection. There are some natural techniques for acne care and some common habits to be followed for its prevention. It provides some natural solutions for acne free skin which include using Aloe Vera lemon juice with a teaspoon of finely ground cinnamon powder. Applying yogurt and fine oatmeal strawberry leaves on the acne.

You can achieve acne free skin by some laser treatment the process and effects are clearly mentioned in the site. It further elaborates the reason behind acne in different age groups ranging from kids to teenagers and adults. To know more about acne care and acne skin care techniques for a acne free skin log on to the site .


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