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Stretch Mark Cream Review Website Provides Cutting-Edge Advice

New website profiles stretch mark reduction creams and active ingredients in stretch mark products.

Dania Beach, FL ( Freightnet ) July 1, 2008 – A new clearinghouse of consumer information about treatment options for stretch marks, (, launched Monday. The website features information about the latest over-the-counter stretch mark treatment options and profiles of key ingredients found in effective stretch mark creams.

"The web is full of health and beauty-related resources. We wanted to gather useful consumer-oriented information about stretch marks and stretch mark creams into a single place," said Katy Archibald, communications director at

Stretch marks (, known as "striae" by dermatologists and aesthiticians, are among the most common of dermatological complaints. Nearly 100% of women over 18 and 80% of men report stretch marks somewhere on their bodies. Between 75% and 90% of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy. Stretch marks most commonly occur during puberty, but also develop during other times of rapid change in body shape. Many bodybuilders are afflicted by stretch marks marring their arms and legs.

Stretch marks are a form of scar tissue. When the deep collagen layers of the skin are subject to rapid growth or stretching, they sometimes tear. This tear is visible on the surface of the skin as a silvery-white or purplish band. Affected areas have a different texture -- softer and unsupported by the dermis.

“Stretch marks are so common. It’s amazing that only now we’re seeing truly effective stretch mark creams that are non-prescription and readily available,” Ms. Archibald said.

In the past, treatment of stretch marks has been limited to Vitamin E-based topical creams of questionable effectiveness. True stretch mark reduction has only been possible through dermatological procedures such as laser resurfacing, dermabrasion or chemical peels. Modern advances in dermatology have yielded a number of powerful compounds that help to stimulate collagen production and smooth the surface of the skin. These topical applications are easy to use in the home. Many are available over the counter, while some are sold only by licensed aestheticians and dermatologists. Pricing on these stretch mark creams ranges from $15-$200 for a month’s supply. Because of this widely divergent pricepoint, an informed consumer can save a lot of money while getting an effective and reliable product. This website’s purpose is to help the consumer identify and locate the best stretch mark cream (

The website includes profiles on ingredients of known effectiveness, such as palmitoyl oligopeptide and retinol. Information about leading stretch mark products including ingredients and evaluations are also available. The website is online at


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