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Asset Protection Planning & Strategy Services Launch is an offshore law firm in the Republic of Panama providing international clients with professional asset protection and wealth management services. Kickstart your wealth management strategy with one of their new asset protection plans.

Offshore Law Firm, 9 August 2008 ( Freightnet )

Panama Offshore Legal Law firm is a recognized leader in the offshore services industry. Based in the Republic of Panama, they offer clients a variety of asset protection plans customized to suit the individual.

A good asset protection plan should protect a person from future creditors by making it difficult and expensive for a would be attacker to secure a judgement against you. A good asset protection strategy will also remove a person from directly owning assets so if a civil judgement is awarded against that person their assets will not be included in the compensation awarded by the judge.

Legal asset protection planning should only be performed on a person's behalf by a licensed asset protection attorney. Using an attorney shields a person's communications through the attorney client privilege mechanism recognized globally.

Panama Offshore Legal Law Firm is a fully licensed asset protection firm with over 20 years of asset protection planning experience. Offshore Legal helps clients to legally shield their assets and prevent unscrupulous lawsuits.

Whether preventing a former business partner from pursuing legal action or a spouse our trained asset protection attorneys will ensure you have an early warning system in place to notify you when your assets are under attack before it becomes too late and your assets have been frozen.

The asset protection techniques Offshore Legal utilize are completely legal and comply with all international standards and laws. Offshore Legal is now able to offer it's clients offshore trusts in multiple offshore jurisdictions in addition to offshore company formation and foundation registration in Panama.

All trust, corporation and foundation structures can be set up with an offshore bank account in Panama covered by strong banking secrecy laws.

Ownership of these structures is virtually anonymous with the client's name not appearing in any official documentation or public registries. The client will retain total control of these structures.


Offshore Law Firm

PTY 16119, Urbanizacion Marbella

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Edif. Ocean Plaza - Planta Baja

Panama City, Republic of Panama

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