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Lawsuit Funding Tutorial for the Holiday Season offers tips for those needing a lawsuit advance this holiday season by providing basic education to plaintiffs this holiday season. This effort may help hundreds of families while giving the attorney the time to obtain the highest possible recovery for the client.

Los Angeles, CA ( Freightnet ) December 24, 2008 Lawsuit Funding aims to educate a variety of plaintiffs who are in a lawsuit and need immediate financial relief.

1. Lawsuit Funding - Obtaining a non- recourse cash advance (law cash) from a Lawsuit Funding is not a loan in a traditional sense. With a traditional loan you will have to begin making monthly installment payments and if you lose your case and receive no cash award while the loan liability stays enforce. After exhausting other funding options you may want to consider receiving an a law cash advance now in exchange for a pre agreed upon portion of the proceeds from your lawsuit settlement claim.

2. Always speak to your attorney With all legal matters it is important to consult your attorney of your financial situation as it may impact the case. For your case to be considered for ( Lawsuit Funding certain attorney/client information will need to be released to Lawsuit Funding. Information is requested as needed throughout the case including but not limited to, a copy of the complaint, court rulings and other pertinent documentation such as medical, surgical reports, expert reports, incident reports, and witness statements.

3. When looking for lawsuit companies watch out for any lawsuit funding companies that require cash up front, this is a red flag and is not generally needed or condoned. With you will have no out of pocket costs associated with the loan.

4. When you apply for lawsuit funding your attorney may be contacted by each and every funding company you have applied with all of which will be requesting basically the same information. This can create a tremendous burden on the law office that is representing you. If you apply with one source such as ( Lawsuit Funding which works with a network of funders your attorney will only need to provide the information once. Lawsuit Funding in return streamlines the funding process by getting that information out to multiple sources giving you the best chance of getting funded with the most reasonable terms.

5. Explain your needs to your funding provider- It is imperative that you let your financing firm learn what your immediate needs are. With your initial funding may be pre approved and additional funds may be released as needed. In many cases a plaintiff will receive an initial non-recourse advance and then will need further funding until the case is settled.

6. When you need to apply call visit and fill out our quick application. is the leader in the litigation funding industry with thousands of satisfied customers. For any questions about pre settlement funding or anything else in the above lawsuit funding tutorial please call us at 888-386-3379.

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