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Spice up your dream with Bella bathroom

We make your dream come true making your bathroom stylish and attractive. Your entire need of your bathroom ends here by shopping with us. We offer various ranges of products

Bella Bathrooms Ltd, 2 June 2008 ( Freightnet ) It was not too long ago, still there are bathrooms only with a bath, a mirror, a sink, a toilet and a shower. Is your bathroom one among them? Do you want them to look a little more luxurious! Here is our company to transform your ordinary bathrooms into a luxurious one. With a little of imagination, creativity and few touches of luxury we are here to bring your dreams true in your bathroom, a place where you look forward to start your day.

Showers are fitted in bathrooms to boost the flow of water and give a refreshing bath ( ). They also make you feel as though you are in the rain by providing a forceful spray. For you to have this feel, we provide a wide range of showers whose household names are Mira showers, Triton showers, Aqua Lisa showers etc. They include electric showers, mixer showers, power showers, digital showers etc. To build a luxurious bathroom, you not only need a shower you must add some more to it. To give additional beauty to your bathroom we provide shower trays, shower enclosures, shower cubicles and shower pumps.

The shower that is greatly in demand is the Mira showers. Now we will see the various ranges of showers and the way they work. Mira showers consist of electric showers. While we have a shower at home we usually donít use any hot water that is stored or any stored water( ). So if we want to choose shower for a place where there is limited supply of hot water, electric shower is an ideal one for it.

This is because electric showers only take water from the mains cold water supply. So electric shower is appropriate to be fixed in for families and households. Coming to mixer shower, as the name indicates it takes water from both the water supplies. That is it takes both the hot water and cold water and blends them together to reach the desired temperature. This type of mixer shower is best to be used in places where there is a plentiful supply of hot water.

Next moving on to the power shower, it is a bit similar to mixer shower. But difference is instead of plain cold water, it takes cold water that is stored at low pressure.

Power showers take water from both the hot and low pressure stored cold water supplies. They mix the hot and cold to reach the desired temperature and then boost the flow of water from the shower. The specialty of power shower is that the shower sprays water with some more or extra force. It is done using an integral pump. Using power showers with high pressure water system is dangerous.( ) So it is advisable to use it only with a low pressure water system. The above explained ranges of showers are also available in Triton showers.

To add more beauty and royalty to your shower we stock a large range of shower enclosures, doors and side panels including shower quadrants, offset quadrants to walk in shower enclosures. Shower enclosure is like a stopper that prevents splashing of water everywhere. It comes in many different sizes, finishes and colours to suit your bathroom.

Bella Bathrooms Ltd ( ) Whatever the size and colour of your bathroom or your bath taps may it be, we definitely have a shower enclosure or shower doors for you. We also have a large range of shower trays of different shapes and colours to match all variations of shower enclosures. Also we provide shower trays that are to be used in bespoke shower installations. Some shapes of the shower trays are square slim shower tray, rectangle slim shower tray, quadrant slim shower tray, offset quadrant slim shower tray. Shower enclosure include bath shower screens, shower doors, steam showers, complete shower enclosure, roman shower enclosure. In addition to it we also provide you with after sales support on fitting shower pumps.


Bella Bathrooms

Unit M10 - M11 Yarm Road

Morton Park, County Durham DL1 4PJ

Telephone: 01325 353313


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