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YouSayToo is an ad revenue sharing community. You can get paid through this community by writing microblog, referring your friends and make them join this community same as you.

Net Management, 2 June 2008 ( Freightnet ) YouSayToo is an ad revenue sharing community. It is one of the best places for the fun lovers to get paid using their talents and creativity in a very easy, competitive and playful manner. Your earnings from this ad revenue sharing program only depend on the popularity of your content. It rewards you for social network and sharing online. You can use your talent of writing journals, uploading games and express your full ability to make money online. The more you attract people to your creation the more money you get paid for. What are you waiting for? Start creating and get paid for your living. Invite your friends too to earn more money!

We know that you can create your own microblog. You find a lot of fun in doing so and it is also rewarding. ( ) The compensation is given to the most popular buzzer every month. You are rewarded for your work on the basis of the number of users. The more you attract them with your buzzer the more reward you get. Microblog is one of the most popular methods followed in many revenue sharing communities and content development in the modern Internet sharing community world. Blog writing should be an excellent original content, and also the interaction and online community building make such a powerful means of brand building for the purpose to write it. Effective blogging is more than engaging content and popular topics. With the specific blogging communities companyís blog would be actively represented and you will be rewarded.

So your microblog should be in such a way that more and more people should come in to read your content. If they actually read your content you get a share of the revenue on the site. Display of your Ad Sense ads also matters. ( ) The more you make the user to read your content or your microblog or play your games, the more of your Ad Sense ads will be displayed throughout the site. It is always a welcome when someone offers you with attractive gifts or money or shares their profits with you. YouSayToo does that. When you invite friends to, they provide you 10 percent of the ad impression.

The more and more people to refer and get added to the community, more the remuneration you will get. They give you the privilege to create your own journal with many games and unique posts, which you canít enjoy in other community. They give the exclusive opportunity to upload and play games. This community has the essence of all flavors to entertain all the members belonging to

Nowadays online games are very popular and are a good entertainment to peoples of all age. You can make games as a part of your journal and enjoy the games with your share friends. Views of people are very important and you have all the right to express you views, comments, etc. This community gives you the opportunity to create your own microblog buzzer, where you can post your comments and share it with your friends. ( ) People always wish you be networked with friends, colleagues, relatives. Network with people is very important in our life. community paves a wonderful way to stay networked with people. We can be introduced to new friends. Share our experience with one another and benefited. It creates an opportunity to social network, meet elsewhere and hangout to you favorite places. Through this community it is easy for you to find friends by your interests and locations and allowing many other friends to join the community.

Net Management ( ) Face book is the online directory is the online directors about the members of this community about the members of this community. Since this is a revenue sharing community, there is lot of revenue reward programs offered. The best content would slice of a reward depending on the popularity of the content. It is a wonderful opportunity to make money with simple registration. That too creating your own microblog and get paid through this is an ultimate fun and worth rewarding.


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