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There are several things to be noted while designing a Social networking website

There are lots of stuff you can probably do on your social networking web design that will make it stand out. However, overdoing some things aggravate your viewers so much that they may never come back, according to the professional social networking web designers of

Lynn, MA ( Freightnet ) November 21, 2008 - “Everyone in the world of Internet won’t be using the same browsers. Some of them use Internet explorer, while some others use Firefox. There are many people who use Google Chrome- the new browser from Google. Hence it is necessary to test your social networking website in all the popular browsers. This is necessary because, if your social networking website doesn’t work with some particular browsers, you will be loosing a huge base of viewers,” says Mr. Jonathan Mac of (

“Choosing the colors is very important when it comes to ( social networking web design. Colors must be selected based on the theme of your social networking website. It should be noted that very bright colors are not preferred by most of the people. Usage of soothing colors will be good. Using different colors in the links and read more links is a good idea. But overdoing this will confuse the visitor and will make them exit from the page. Hence one standard color can be chosen to denote the links”

“Blinking text and images can be avoided. Blinking text will seem to be eye candy, but on a visitor’s perspective, it will be annoying. For example, when they are trying to read the text, it will blink, making the text totally un-readable. Another important aspect to be noted while designing social networking websites is the load time. Over-loading your social networking website with a bunch of huge file sized graphics will make the website appear pretty slower to the viewer. This will kill the patience of the visitor and they may not stick around to wait for the whole thing and will move on to someone else's site.”

He added that, “A site map will avoid the visitors getting confused. This will help them to figure out where things are and how to get there. By doing this they will know what's on your site and may even want to visit all your pages just to see what they are.”

These professional tips from the renewed social networking web designers is really a road map to success for those who wish to create their own social networking website.

About is a team of social networking web design professionals who are capable of designing unique websites like myspace & facebook.

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