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Controversial War Author Bob Miller Turns To Fiction

Bob Miller, the outspoken author and political activist, has turned to fiction in his new work ĎAn Angel Named Zabarí, a collection of spiritual short stories.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Freightnet ) Ė 27 March 2008 Ė One of Americaís most controversial writers, Bob Miller, has turned to fiction with his latest work, An Angel Named Zabar ( ), a collection of ten spiritual short stories focusing on different situations and scenarios that have attracted the attention of a guardian angel, Zabar.

Written around events in the lives of different people from completely different backgrounds and their interaction with the angel Zabar, Bob Millerís ten heart-warming tales put a new perspective on the spiritual that will enlighten, if not entertain, his fans.

Miller (Kill Me If You Can, The Business of Assassination) is most well known for his strong anti-war stance, and his staunch opposition to the Bush/Cheney administration. However, having penned five books and co-written another, Millerís credentials as a serious author are in no doubt.

An Angel Named Zabar ( ) is not Millerís first foray into fictional writing, with a number of other fictional titles already under his belt. However, with his earlier works bringing a collection of fans from around the world, An Angel Named Zabar seems set to prove one of his most revolutionary, if not controversial, creative works.

Author and literary critic Nan Kilar, in reviewing An Angel Named Zabar, praised Millerís work in this more creative area. Having worked with Miller as co-author on RV, a must-have guide for recreational vehicle enthusiasts, Kilar is no stranger to Millerís non-fictional work and writing style.

ďThis is a delightful change of pace in the realm of spiritual books. Itís gratifying, peaceful and a quick read. Itís perfect for airport terminals or bedtime. Your presence here is very encouraging and no way could anyone convince me that it was just by chance. Iím asking you to join me on the Angel Express. The accommodations are first class and I guarantee you itíll be an exciting journey. This book is just a sampling of countless events that are taking place at this very moment on Earth."

A far cry from Kill Me If You Can, Millerís An Angel Named Zabar shows a different side to his writing, and deals with the less aggressive but equally contentious topic of the spiritual and guardian angels. While the stories themselves may be fiction, thereís no denying the power of the underlying spiritual message Miller portrays in his latest creative work.


Bob Miller is a controversial author of both fiction and non-fiction, and one of the fiercest critics of the Iraq war and current US foreign policy. A former Vietnam War veteran, Miller has toured America to preach his anti-war message, while achieving success as an author in both non-fiction and fiction works.

An Angel Named Zabar ( ) is a spiritual collection of ten stand-alone short stories from Bob Miller featuring Zabar, a guardian angel, and his interaction with different people from all walks of life.


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