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Merchant Accounts Provider Opens FBI Standard Call Center

Intabill a global credit card processing merchant accounts provider has opened an advanced and unique 100 seat capacity call centre in Australia. Due to a rapidly increasing demand for their services, and a concern over the quality of call centre support provided by outsourced call centre’s, Intabill have setup a state of the art call centre that focuses on the needs of merchant clients, their customers and the call center staff that support them.

London United Kingdom ( Freightnet ) 10-26-2007 With state of the art military standard communication technology and security systems, a super flat management structure, and almost no traditional KPI’s, this is far from an ordinary call centre. <a href=>Intabill</a> is not a conventional company, and they don't intend to become one. In 2003 when Intabill first started providing <a href=>merchant account services</a>, the call centre operation was outsourced to call centres in Los Angeles and Costa Rica. Due to concerns over the quality of call support, in June 2007 the call centre operation was moved in-house to new offices being established in Brisbane, Australia. The aim was to create a world class 24/7 call centre that would provide a superior level of friendly phone support to merchant account clients and their customers, through motivated professionals and the latest technology.

Now in operation for just over 3 months, their call centre is actually run in essence by the call operators themselves, with little emphasis placed on conventional call centre metrics. In many call centres the focus is on metrics, and they do not deny there is a place for these. However at intabill, “management believe that the focus should initially be on people, the teams, and what they collectively think will deliver the best results. Managers of the business are not seen as the rule setters and enforcers, but more as facilitators and mentors”. Call centre management merely facilitate the interaction and communication by staff towards a positive team unit, who as a unit mould the way customer service levels are provided and improved upon. Staffs are empowered to have open conversations to their peers across the business, ensuring maximum efficiency business wide. The call centre team regularly meets and interacts with other departments/teams within the business, to ensure seamless cross functional support and communication.

In fact many departments of Intabill are regularly interacting with clients by phone. Services delivered with a strong phone element include:

- Online real-time customer interactions and inbound support by the “A-Team”

- Online fraud investigations and security by a “Guardians Team”

- International collections by the “Roundup Team”

- Retention, loyalty programs and VIP account management by a dedicated “Concierge Team”

When planning the setup of the call centre, management not only focused on the needs of their customers, but more importantly on the employees that would interact with them. Intabill has a hiring process that focuses a lot on the mindset and behaviours desired from future employees, which has led to them hiring passionate people from diverse backgrounds. They appear to have nurtured a unique and open minded culture that encourages individual ideas, actioned through team effort.

Intabill provides a positive work environment, where highly talented professionals share a vision and have a great time doing it. Team members at Intabill are encouraged to constantly question and challenge the way things are done, looking for ways that will not only make customers happier, but also foster a happier work environment at the same time. The result to date is that they are forging cohesive teams, which strive on challenges and deliver the highest level of client service.

What is also impressive about their call centre setup is the use of clean modern design and the latest technology. Intabill is in the process of constructing one of the most advanced call centre set ups in Australia, and arguably the world. State of the art facilities already in place or under construction include:

- Large staff “chill out” room furnished with large LCD television screens, Foxtel, games machines, pool table, heavily subsidised snack and drink facilities, plus a sun deck overlooking the Brisbane River

- Modern interior designed offices incorporating multi textured surfaces, ergonomic furniture and a relaxed open plan layout

- The latest generation Toshiba Strata telephone system utilising cutting edge digital technology installed on converged platforms with fixed and virtual networks

- Military standard recording system, as used by US government departments such as the FBI, which is capable of storing up to 75,000 hours of voice recording

The recording system is about to be installed and can be quickly searched for any specific keyword. This will be of particular value to our security investigations team, but will also be used to ensure call quality levels are monitored and constantly improved upon. If for example staff needed to look back on an issue, they could type related keywords such as “cancel transfer”, and the system will quickly build a report showing the frequency, dates and times of all calls containing these keywords. They could then select and listen to any conversation that has taken place through their call centre.

This recording system is just one technology tool, which will help intabill gain advantage in a competitive global market. They know however from their experience with outsourced call centres, it is the people within your call centre that make the key difference. Innovation, smart business practices, and most of all their focus on people, is helping intabill become a world leading e-commerce Company.

About the company:

Established in 2003, Intabill is an integrated payment solutions provider that provides merchant account services to companies based in more than 50 countries worldwide. They have a very diverse range of clients, who use their services to not only <a href=>accept credit cards</a>and other payment methods from customers, but also support these transacting customers by phone. On thousands of websites in the USA, Europe and Australia, you will find a payment support number that links into a new and unique 24/7 call centre based in Brisbane, Australia.


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