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Why Malaysia Friendx Is So Popular For Connecting With People is very popular among the youths in Malaysia nowadays. This is because of the features offered in the website which meets the needs and wants of the users. And it offers the users a space to release their tense from the community.

MALAYSIA, Kuala Lumpur Jan 21st , 2007 is a powerful web site which helps people connect with others who have similar interests in topics such as music, film, geographic location, and relationships. This type of site is known as a social networking web site. There are other similar sites that have been popular in the past such as,,, but FriendX has definitely become the leader in social networking sites.

FriendX boasts a member list of over 150,000 people as of August 6, 2006. According to the owner of, located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, it is growing at a rate of 450 new members every week. Everyone from either small town or large cities are using to connect with its large database of members and to exchange information among each others.

How Does It Work

FirendX allows you to create an account using some basic information such as name, e-mail address and cell phone number. You are not required to give out any of your personal information.

Once you have an account you can network with the thousands of other members who have FriendX accounts. You can also search for people who have similar interests and then interact with them using special FriendX features such as blogs, chat, photos, avatar and the add a friend to your page feature.

How To Signup

To sign-up for a account, just go to the sign-up link on their home page or visit for the link.

Once you sign-up, you can log into your account and build a web page using a simple menu and a step by step process. You can easily change the look and feel to reflect you profile using graphics from sites that offer free from Avatar in

You can also add photos, music, and videos to your profile that will attract others who are interested in the same things, which makes it ideal for up and coming bands and artists to promote themselves.

Finding Groups, Friends and Relationships

You can also search the network using browse, keyword searches or by groups. Once you start to find people you want to meet, you can invite them to your network. In some cases, their friends see you and may also invite you to their network. Your network of friends can grow literally by being invited to one persons network.

Why Is It So Popular

As more and more people go online, more people are seeking to meet others with the same interests. Web site that facilitate this type of communication have historically done very well on the internet.

It is very easy to open a account and find tons of people and groups who have all of the latest news on various topics, favorite idols, music.

It is also free to join, which makes it even more attractive to the general public and gives it the power to easily compete with fee based interest and relationship sites that have been around for years.

As the online community gets larger, more people are looking for easy ways to connect with others without having to pay a lot of money or without having to spend hours of time searching different web sites. As a result, FriendX has become the popular place of choice to instantly connect with other individuals and groups of people.

About is the first truly Malaysia online community portal catered for our English speaking youths in the country. Its also the leading online community portal offering social network to meet new friends both online and mobile. Currently houses a whopping 150,000 registered users. For more information, Visit


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