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Great Expectations Success Story

John was joined Great Expectations in 1983.And after it he

found his soul mate through Great Expectation,and get merried in

1986.Today he is the largest franchise owner in the country.

Name : John.

Site :

Detail : John Meriggi’s Success Story.

In his twenties, John Meriggi enjoyed the life of being a bachelor. He

was single, college educated, and enjoyed all of what life had to

offer.When he hit his thirties, he felt ready to settle down and begin

making more dreams come true. He enjoyed dating, but felt it was time to

settle down and find someone special to share life’s adventures with.He

was unsure about matchmaking services or personal ads, so in 1983 he

decided to join GREAT EXPECTATIONS.

After he joined GREAT EXPECTATIONS, someone at the center recommended

that he select another member, Cheryl. He reviewed Cheryl’s profile and

found that they had very similar interests, including sailing.John

ended up selecting Cheryl and she agreed to meet John.They had an

incredibly nice lunch date and found they had more in common than just

sailing.Unfortunately though, Cheryl had already began seeing another GE member

so when John tried to follow up with another date, she graciously

turned him down, which disappointed John tremendously.

John continued to utilize his GREAT EXPECTATIONS membership. About one

year later, he was at the center and heard that Cheryl had just

left.Apparently she was unhappy in her current relationship.This was fantastic

news for John.He decided to contact Cheryl.They met for happy hour,

dancing, and a nightcap at John’s so he could show her his home.It turned

out to be a remarkable evening, so John asked if she would be

interested in helping a friend of his sail his boat back from Corpus Christi to

Houston.Cheryl took John up on his offer and they enjoyed each others

company while in the dinghy that was being towed behind his friend’s

sailboat. They spent several hours that afternoon in the dinghy, with a

beautiful sunset as their backdrop, and from that point forward they were

inseparable. Six months later John proposed to Cheryl.

John and Cheryl were married in the fall of 1986 and have two beautiful

daughters. Because of GREAT EXPECTATIONS, John found his soul mate.He

believed so much in the program that he recommended it to all of his

family, friends,and anyone else who asked how he met his wonderful

wife.John went even further than just recommending the service, in 1990 he

purchased a franchise and co-opened an office in Dallas.He invested

everything he had because he truly believed that GREAT EXPECTATIONS was

partially responsible for his own happiness and was determined to give other

singles a chance to find that same happiness.His success as a member

propelled him into a huge success with GREAT EXPECATIONS.Today he is the

largest franchise owner in the country. His centers include Dallas,

Cleveland, Phoenix, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Schaumburg,

Indianapolis, Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Columbus, Milwaukee,

Orlando, and Jacksonville.


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