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Lottery Book Reveals Ways to Predict Results

These guide & techniques have been tested on the Actual lottery results.

A book by author John Zenman, Exploit the Lottery and Win, is about the discovery of lottery drawing systems leading to easy-to-use and down-to-earth methods to win. It is comprehensive with step-by-step breakdowns that clearly illustrate winning methods. It has two aspects. The first is about discovery or exposure of the systematical flow in the lottery games. Next is how to transform this systematical flow into the steps to predict the future results. There are no wheeling systems or astrology related issues but only logical methods.

The book quotes actual drawing results for the states of New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Ohio in the United States, as well other countries: Canada, United Kingdom, German, Spain, and Hong Kong. These drawing results have something in common as their drawing systems almost work the same way. It doesn't matter whether you're an old hand or new to the lottery games, this book will bring some interesting facts and methods to enlighten you.

Each of the book's three main chapters features a different method as well as extensive charts and diagrams that better illustrate the lessons.

For lottery gamblers, the book provides techniques to enhance the winning odds. It helps to cut down substantially on unlikely or unwanted numbers, increasing the winning chances in the process.

For non-gamblers, the book provides invaluable knowledge and insights into the lottery system. Reading about the discovery of the lottery drawing systems around the world will open the reader's mind to a new and fascinating world.

The book is available at major online bookstores including,, and Sample pages are available online at:


Title: Exploit the Lottery and Win

Author: John Zenman

No. of Pages: 144

ISBN: 1932047638

Publisher: Llumina Press


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