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Cargo Security Announcement 2009

Our industry is faced with a new congressional mandate that will profoundly impact the way we operate well into the future. This law will eventually require 100% screening of all cargo transported on passenger aircraft in the United States. In a phased approach, this mandate will impose 50% screening to begin February 1st, 2009 and 100% screening starting August 1st, 2010.

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Columbia Logistics Inc. is fully committed to the goal of minimizing all security risks and always operates in full compliance with all laws and regulations. The full impact of this mandate will not be fully understood by all of us until after we begin the arduous task of adhering to the complex requirements and adjusting our operational processes.

We would like to inform you today about changes to the acceptance process and advise in part of the airlines carriers.

Booking and Acceptance set forth by air carriers:

* At time of booking, the customer must clearly indicate whether the shipment will be delivered screened or unscreened.

* Upon arrival at our facility, cargo will be matched with the appropriate certifications, quality assurance and security program guidelines (SSI) by a dock coordinator.

* Currently, we do not intend to change our Latest Acceptance Times (cut-offs) for both screened and unscreened cargo. This may be subject to change later on depending on the volume of unscreened cargo we receive at our facilities.

* Cargo tendered to us by a certified CCSF may be tendered loose or consolidated as it is today.

* Cargo booked for passenger aircraft which is not screened must be tendered loose and must have the AWB indicating the actual number of pieces and cannot include any SLAC counts.

* Not allowed for passenger aircraft are consolidated skids, BUPís, shrink-wrapped freight and the banding of pieces of any kind if the cargo does not come from a certified CCSF.

Full compliance with this process will assure ready for carriage status and avoid unnecessary delays of transport.

Assessment of Charges:

* Screening Fee: After careful evaluation and intensive discussions with many of you, we decided on the following fee schedule:

For the screening of cargo booked and transported on our passenger aircraft effective February 1st, 2009 the fee will be assessed based on actual piece count:

Per piece: $ 5.00 per carton usd

Minimum per master waybill: $ 40.00 usd

Maximum per master waybill: $ 150.00 usd

This screening fee does not apply for cargo received screened from a CCSF facility and cargo booked and transported on our freighter aircraft.

* Security Surcharge: To help offset operational and administrative costs associated with the transport of screened and unscreened cargo throughout our network, the security surcharge will be set increased per kg for all cargo tendered, regardless of mode of transport, based on actual weight effective February 1st, 2009.

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