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Synn Global Announces the Patent Pending Day & Night Trailer Loading Product

Backup Balls, a patent pending product for trailer loading from Synn Global is a remarkable achievement to help load a trailer anytime day or night. The unique design allows for a single person to attach the trailer to the ball hitch without getting in and out of the vehicle numerous times.

Trailer loading to a ball hitch at night is a crucial issue faced by many people. To solve this simple prevailing issue, Synn Global has introduced their innovative trailer loading device named “Backup Balls” which provides a novel solution for trailer loading in the dark.

The Backup Balls device achieves this by having two balls which glow when exposed to a light source for about 10 seconds. Ideally the headlight of the vehicle can be used to make the balls glow. Two vertically expandable fiberglass poles, each having a different colored glowing balls on top, can be fixed to the trailer coupler and ball hitch. With the guidance of the glowing balls, any driver can then reverse the vehicle until the two balls meet each other, which indicates the perfect alignment to secure the trailer.

Backup Balls is a patent pending product due to its unique & innovative mechanism of trailer loading. On top of the day & night trailer loading support, it provides another prominent feature. In typical trailer loading, at least two persons are required to get the trailer coupler and ball hitch to a perfect alignment. With Backup Balls a single person can achieve the same results with the help of the colored balls.

Synn Global, the inventor of the Backup Balls product, is releasing Backup Balls with a 30 day money back guarantee which provides users the flexibility of trying out the product for everyday use. With the retail Introductory price of the Backup Balls at $39.95 makes this an affordable as well as usefull investment. Backup Balls can be purchased from many local retailers and through the website. The website also provides detailed explanations and demonstration video on how Backup Balls.


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