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AcuTemp Thermal Systems Introduces ISTA-Qualified Boxes for Temperature Sensitive Shipments

Pre-Qualified Shippers Featuring ThermoCor® High Performance Insulation are Now Available to Accommodate a Variety of Payload Sizes

AcuTemp Thermal Systems,, a manufacturer of high performance insulation and temperature sensitive packaging technology for the cold chain, has responded to the needs of its pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers by introducing a line of pre-qualified shipping boxes. The initial offering includes a series of boxes to accommodate varying payload sizes, all qualified to International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) standards. Each box is insulated with AcuTemp’s ThermoCor® high performance insulation which has an R-Value of 45 per inch of thickness – ten times the insulating efficiency of commonly used insulation materials such as polyurethane and expanded polystyrene. The pre-qualified shippers allow pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to have ready access to reliable high performance shipping solutions which are capable of maintaining the temperature of their valuable payloads during shipment.

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“AcuTemp excels in offering custom-designed thermal box solutions to meet the exact temperature protocols of our customers; and we have now translated that expertise into developing a line of pre-qualified AcuTemp boxes which perform to temperature protocols defined under ISTA 7D performance standards,” states Todd DeVore, Director of New Product Development and Quality. “For example, our initial offering provides several different box sizes – with payload volumes of less than one liter up to 21 liters – that are capable of maintaining 2 degrees to 8 degrees Celsius for 48 hours or more. For customers needing a wider temperature range, we have developed a box that maintains 2 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius for 72 hours,” says DeVore.

Each AcuTemp shipping box is constructed of 100% recyclable components. All shippers are insulated with ThermoCor, a proprietary vacuum insulation technology that provides a thin wall of superior insulating performance. AcuTemp’s unique manufacturing process allows for a seamless construction of the insulating compartment which reduces edge effect losses that are often common in alternative panelized construction methods. Because of ThermoCor’s insulating efficiency, AcuTemp’s ISTA-qualified boxes typically use fewer coolants and have a smaller footprint and shipping weight, resulting in reduced overall costs while providing the required performance.

“We understand the importance that each of our customers places on temperature compliance for their products. Because of that, we design and test all of our boxes – whether custom designed or pre-qualified – so that customers can feel confident when they choose an AcuTemp solution that it will perform to their expectations,” concludes DeVore.

Visit to learn more about cold chain shipping solutions offered by AcuTemp Thermal Systems.

About AcuTemp Thermal Systems

AcuTemp Thermal Systems designs and manufactures reliable thermal management products used to maintain valuable temperature-sensitive payloads at The Right Temperature® during transit. By combining the company’s proprietary high performance ThermoCor® insulation with advanced engineering design, AcuTemp offers a range of solutions that integrate active and passive temperature control technologies for the cold chain, delivering the Peace of Mind™ that customers require. Offerings range from small passive shipping boxes to large active pallet-size shipping containers equipped with sophisticated data-logging capabilities. The company also offers advanced thermal testing and package validation services in its ISTA-certified testing laboratory. AcuTemp products are marketed directly and through a global network of distributors to businesses with temperature sensitive requirements in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, public health, defense and transportation/logistics markets.


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