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Canadian Logistics Company - first in industry to achieve a carbon neutral footprint. Executive issues challenge to competitors.

Lakeside Logistics announced that they have achieved a carbon neutral footprint through their in-house Vision Green program. This date marks the launch of the second phase of their program which has the potential of reducing CO2 emissions by 3858 tons per year.

Press Release

Jeff Moore, Managing Director, Lakeside Logistics today issued a challenge to his customers, suppliers and competitors to follow his lead and join the fight against global warming. “If everyone pitches in, we can make a real difference,” he explains.

Recognizing that the impact we all have on our environment is the most significant threat our world is facing today, Lakeside has dedicated resources to their Vision Green Program for internal action and industry outreach. To carry this initiative forward, the position of Director of Sustainability was created in April of this year.

“The achievement of the carbon neutral status is the first step in our ongoing commitment towards environmentally sustainable operations in our own company and our industry,” says Jeff Moore, Managing Director of Lakeside Logistics. “In preparation for taking our environmental message out to the industry, we have cleaned our own house first.”

The company has worked from the inside out, first getting total buy-in from their staff. Each individual in the company is now an environmental emissary – spreading the word to family, friends, customers and suppliers.

Lakeside produces approximately 352 tons of CO2 per year – the equivalent of 64 cars on the road. Following is a sample of what the company has done to achieve its carbon neutral status.

• Conducted an environmental audit through Zerofootprint™

• Converted to green, carbon-free, renewable electricity from Bullfrog Power to power their

corporate office

• Invested in hybrid technology for their carrier relations vehicle

• Eliminated bottled water on site, saving 20,000 plastic bottles annually

• Instituted an idle free zone at their loading docks to reduce carbon emissions

• Re-programmed computers with Local Cooling to reduce power usage

• Engaged employees in sustainability issues with a customized calculator designed by


• Invested in carbon offsets for what they cannot yet eliminate

Lakeside’s Vision Green program consists of a three-tiered approach to quantifying and reducing impact on the environment: the in-house program already in place, the Carrier program, and the Customer program.

The Carrier program presents a direct opportunity to target emissions at the source. Currently dealing with approximately 3500 carriers throughout Canada and the US, Lakeside pledges to work directly with these carriers to help them audit their current carbon footprint.

The cumulative fleet mileage of Lakeside’s partner carriers in the 12 month period between June 06 and May 07 was 19 million miles producing 39,114 tons of CO2. The company’s initial target is to generate a 10% (3858 tons) reduction in these emissions by the end of 2010. This translates into taking 700 cars or 20 Class 8 trucks off the road. Through an innovative education exchange, Lakeside will facilitate the development of viable environmental strategies and practices. By connecting with Smartway, an Environmental Protection Agency program designed to increase energy efficiency in the North American transportation system and Fleetsmart, an initiative of Natural Resources Canada, Lakeside can demonstrate and promote tools that help to clearly define fuel efficiency and carbon footprints.

“Working with our carriers will enable us to respond to our customers’ requirements around sustainable practices,” says Susan Moore, Director of Sustainability at Lakeside. “We are not looking for a huge change overnight but rather a change in the way we do business in the long term. At Lakeside, Vision Green is a continuous journey.”

Through the Vision Green Customer Program, Lakeside will work with customers to measure the carbon footprint of their supply chain. Increasingly, companies are focusing on the environmental bottom line, and aggressively seeking quantification and improvements. Lakeside has put the resources in place to consult with customers to help them clearly understand their supply chain footprint, and more importantly, how to optimize logistics solutions to make sense economically and environmentally.

The day is coming when shippers will need to quantify their transportation emissions through either voluntary or mandated programs. Lakeside is providing the leadership now in preparation for regulations and guidelines that need to come into play in the future,” stated Chris Magill, Managing Director, Lakeside Logistics. “Each step may seem small but we know that each initiative we take, in our own operations and through working with our carriers and customers, combines to make major progress in taming the beast of climate change. The more companies we bring on board the greater our collective impact will be.”

Vision Green Partners

To achieve our goals to reduce our impact on our planet, we have set up partnerships with organizations who are actively engaged in making our environment green and clean.

We are proud to be working with each of these groups. The strength of their commitment to sustaining our environment is inspiring Lakeside to greater goals.


To help Lakeside Logistics achieve a carbon neutral footprint, Zerofootprint began by calculating the carbon dioxide the company produced through its operations. The emissions associated with Lakeside's paper use, employee commute, travel and office heating were then counterbalanced, or “offset,” using an ISO-certified forest restoration project. By offsetting in this manner, Lakeside ensured that the CO2 it generated would not only be taken out of the atmosphere; it also helped the environment by revitalizing degraded ecosystems, improving biodiversity, and fighting climate change.

Zerofootprint also produced a calculator that will allow Lakeside employees to understand and minimize their environmental impact over time. This innovative tool combines an ecological footprint calculator, social networking software, and a Web 2.0 environment and enables users to collaborate around environmental goals, share information, and participate in interactive initiatives. “The Zerofootprint Calculator helps staff see where they stand in the climate crisis and that they can make a difference, especially when they work together,” explains Deborah Kaplan, the Executive Director of Zerofootprint. She added, “Lakeside Logistics is an example of how companies can best deal with this issue; they have addressed climate change from the top-down and bottom-up.”

Zerofootprint ( is a not-for-profit organization that empowers individuals, businesses, and communities to fight climate change in measurable and practical ways.

Bullfrog Power

Lakeside Logistics purchases green electricity from Bullfrog Power for its corporate office in Oakville. Lakeside’s green power purchase for this location effectively eliminates the company’s electricity-related carbon footprint.

“We wish to congratulate Lakeside Logistics for embarking on a path to more sustainable operations and for taking a position of leadership in the logistics industry,” said Bullfrog President Tom Heintzman. “We are thrilled that Lakeside has decided to support the supply and development of green power as part of its overall strategy to reduce the environmental impact of its operations.”

Bullfrog Power is a leading provider of 100 per cent green electricity. Founded in 2005, Bullfrog provides homes and businesses in Ontario and Alberta with an easy way to go green and help create a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations. All of Bullfrog's power comes from clean, renewable sources like wind power and low-impact water power that displace polluting and carbon-intensive sources like coal. Bullfrog sources power exclusively from generators that have received Environment Canada's Environmental Choice™ Program EcoLogo™ certification. Thousands of Canadian homeowners and hundreds of businesses have made the decision to become “bullfrogpowered” and support the generation of clean, renewable power.


The Oakville Sustainability Initiative believes that integrated sustainability must exist within our local municipalities and regions. An integration of our economy, our environment, and our governance models can foster vibrant, livable communities, strong economies, and healthy ecosystems.

SmartWay Transport

Smartway is an innovative collaboration between the US Environmental Protection Agency and the freight industry designed to implement creative approaches to reducing the energy and environmental impact of freight transport.


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