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First NCTS/TIR transport is a success!

Hungarian Customs welcomed this week the first road transport to enter the EU under NCTS/TIR, a new IRU web-based application allowing international goods transport operators to comply with forthcoming EU regulations at no extra cost.

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Zahony Customs (Hungary) successfully welcomed the first NCTS/TIR transport which entered the EU from the Ukraine. The NCTS/TIR web-based application was developed by the IRU to help TIR carnet holders meet the new EU regulation requirements that will come into force in January 2009.

IRU Head of TIR System, Jean Acri, said, “The successful completion of this NCTS/TIR pilot project leaves much hope and potential for the future development of what is bound to be an essential tool for TIR Carnet holders around the world. It marks the advent of a new application, with proven ability to adjust to the changing reality of road transport, as well as to facilitate procedures free of charge for holders, drivers, and customs authorities.”

As of 1 January 2009, new EU regulations will make it mandatory for transport operators to pre-declare all TIR transport operations to departure/entry customs offices before leaving/entering the EU. Thanks to the Electronic TIR Pre-declaration facility (NCTS/TIR), the IRU enables TIR carnet holders to submit their pre-declarations free of charge via the Internet, in full compliance with national custom systems requirements.

The NCTS/TIR pilot project entered its operational phase this week, to the satisfaction of high ranking officials from Hungarian Customs and representatives from the IRU and IRU’s Hungarian (MKFE) and Belarusian (BAMAP) member associations, who witnessed this new efficient and effective system in action.

Two TIR Carnet holders from Belarus used the IRU NCTS/TIR application to submit their pre-declarations beforehand via the Internet. Upon arrival at Zahony’s border-crossing point, Hungarian customs officers used their national system to retrieve all the declared information within a few seconds. Customs formalities, which sometimes take hours to complete and often need forwarders’ assistance at consequent costs, were dealt with in less than 5 minutes, free of charge.

“This model public-private partnership between the Hungarian Customs administration, road transport associations BAMAP and MKFE, and the IRU, will hopefully serve as an example for other EU Member States to implement the NCTS/TIR application,” Jean Acri concluded.


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