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eCargo Pouch® launch in Turkey

Traxon Europe is planning an e-freight event in September in Istanbul. The workshop will be the launch pad for Traxon’s new solutions, eCargo Pouch® and TRAXON ACC Europe ICS, in Turkey. Air cargo agents, handling agents and airlines are expected to participate.

Frankfurt/Main, July 2010. The international provider of e-communication solutions to the airfreight industry, Traxon Europe, will be presenting its new products, eCargo Pouch® and TRAXON ACC Europe ICS, in autumn for the first time in Turkey. The Traxon Forum will provide airfreight forwarders, handling agents and airlines with the opportunity to inform themselves thoroughly and user-oriented.

Traxon Europe has been actively offering electronic communication solutions that simplify global trade and air logistics in Turkey since the 1990s. Nine of the top 15 IATA (International Air Transport Association) air cargo agents in Turkey as well as Turkish Airlines and MNG Airlines use the Traxon product, TRAXON EDI. TRAXON Line is popular with SME in Turkey.

Faster, error-free electronic data interchange
Traxon Europe is a strong supporter of the IATA e-freight initiative for paperless airfreight handling. This is underscored by the new future-proof product, eCargo Pouch®. eCargo Pouch® is a document and message management system that replaces the traditional bags or boxes in which all documents accompanying airfreight shipments are carried on a plane. The product offers airlines, forwarders, handling agents, shippers and customs authorities a common electronic platform to view, transmit and file data. The information can only be accessed and viewed by the different links of the supply chain subject to authorization and a password. eCargo Pouch® accelerates the transport process, reduces errors and raises the transparency of the supply chain.

The EU Customs Security Filing Program comes into effect January 1, 2011
The new product TRAXON ACC Europe ICS provides a single gateway to all European customs authorities supporting electronic customs handling. As of January 1, 2011 the EU Customs Security Filing program will go live in all EU member states as well as in Norway and Switzerland. From this day economic operators have to provide electronically and in time pre-arrival information for shipments to customs at the first point of entry into the EU. The information required includes the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS), the Diversion Request and in some countries the Arrival Notification.

The new Traxon product is of particular interest to airlines and forwarders that import freight to a number of stations in different countries in the European Union. The user provides Traxon with standard EDI messages like FWB, FHL and FFM for shipments into the EU. Traxon then validates the information, translates and maps it according to local requirements. When the declaration is thus completed it is sent to the relevant customs office. If required responses from customs are translated and sent back into the customer’s in house IT system.

Companies and individuals interested in participating in the forthcoming Traxon Forum in Istanbul should contact Ahmet Izer ( The participation is free of charge.

Company portrait

TRAXON Europe, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), was founded in 1991. The company’s dedicated professional team provides comprehensive, leading edge electronic communication solutions and services to the airfreight industry. TRAXON Europe’s innovative products help the different partners of the air cargo supply chain to electronically manage air shipments and meet Cargo 2000, IATA e-freight, WCO (World Customs Organization) and postal requirements. They optimize global process quality, increase in-time delivery and document accuracy by eliminating sources of error. TRAXON Europe not only boosts its clients’ customer service and gives them a competitive edge but it also greens their CO2 footprint by eliminating the need for paper.
The global network of TRAXON Europe links more than 9,000 offices of forwarders and third party providers of logistics services with some 100 international airlines. TRAXON Europe generated a turnover of about Eur 9.3 million in 2009. Around 144 million messages were transmitted that year.

For more information about TRAXON Europe, visit our website at
59 Piccadilly Manchester M1 2AQ
Telephone: +44 (0)161 408 0542
Fax: +44 (0)870 432 1732

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