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Preparing for E-Freight

TRAXON Europe makes forwarders in Malta ready for paperless airfreight processing with a new version of TRAXON LINE.

Frankfurt, 3rd December 2009. Today e-freight is a hot topic in the global airfreight community and TRAXON Europe the leading e-communications service provider to the airfreight industry has recently successfully staged a presentation with customers in Naxxar (Malta). Carola Bodach, Area Manager Sales for Southern Europe, headed up the TRAXON Europe team.

The small island of Malta plays an important role in Europe both as a manufacturing base and also as an import, export and transhipment hub. A large part of the success is due to geographic location on the limits of the EU. It is essential for these commercial activities that the island should have both an effective and efficient airfreight operation.

In the framework of preparations for the introduction of paperless processing of airfreight transports (e-freight) to/from and via Malta TRAXON Europe showcased innovative improvements to their product portfolio. These are designed to optimize processes, reduce costs and to facilitate seamless integration and operation of paperless airfreight between and with airlines, forwarders, handling agents and customs authorities.

High market coverage
The annual TRAXON Forum in Malta has become quite a tradition providing an opportunity for both users and supplier to share information, exchange feedback on products and also for TRAXON to present new features. Many of the airlines serving Malta are already TRAXON customers, amongst them Air Malta, Lufthansa and Emirates. Apart from that TRAXON, with its specialist products, has secured high market coverage of the freight forwarding community. In fact the vast majority of Maltese based IATA airfreight agents use TRAXON LINE.

The new version of TRAXON LINE supports the additional special handling codes and allows forwarders to issue electronic air waybills (Master and House) and is thus fully e-freight compliant.

The public authorities and the airfreight industry in Malta are currently conducting a so called “gap analysis” to establish precisely what still needs to be done before a successful roll-out of the IATA (International Air Transport Association) e-freight initiative. The roll-out as such is scheduled to take place after 2010.

„Our company has been using the new version of TRAXON LINE for approximately two months. At the TRAXON Forum we had the opportunity to discuss further improvements. The whole e-freight topic and the introduction of the electronic air waybill has tremendous implications for the industry in general but for us it is of crucial business importance, as indeed it is for Malta, in terms of competitiveness as a market. Another benefit for us will be with regards to storage of airfreight documents. Currently we are obliged to store these paper documents for ten years but with e-freight this hopefully becomes obsolete” said Walter Micallef of Gollcher.

The information exchange with the e-communications service provider was also important to TRAXON LINE user B.A.S. Malta. „We were able to clarify some practical operational points at the event. Furthermore we were informed by Ms Bodach about new products for forwarders which are in the pipeline and future product developments. I found this very useful”, said Michael Debono.

“The direct exchange of information with customers is always very important to TRAXON. We must listen closely to the market in order to react flexibly and quickly to changing demands. That is the only way we will remain successful and provide effective solutions to our customers. The aim of e-freight is to replace twenty paper documents, ranging from commercial invoice to the customs release documentation, with electronic messages. This would reduce the amount of paper documents by 60% and at the same time save costs and optimize operational procedures” added Carola Bodach.

A software for small and medium sized forwarders. It enables electronic queries of airline schedules and airfreight capacities, electronic bookings, electronic transmission of air waybills, master air waybills and consolidation lists to over 50 airlines as well as real time track and tracing. No investment in technical hardware is necessary for the introduction of TRAXON LINE. The product is Windows compliant. The service is also attractive for small forwarders with low airfreight volumes.
TRAXON Europe was founded in 1991 with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. It is the world’s leading provider of innovative value-added services to the airfreight industry in the field of e-communications and automation. The global network of TRAXON Europe links more than 9,000 forwarding offices with ca. 90 international airlines. This comprises about 95 percent of IATA-registered global airfreight capacity. TRAXON Europe works in close cooperation with its customers to find innovative solutions and anticipate their needs. Part of the company’s philosophy is to provide success-oriented companies with value-added services, enabling them to boost their efficiency. TRAXON customers can then in turn offer improved and more cost-efficient services to their own clients. The company’s turnover has steadily risen in recent years to around 10 million Euros in 2008. About 148 million messages were transmitted that same year.
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