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Stop Smoking Programs Highlighted In Stop Smoking Foundation Website

Stop Smoking Foundation website,, is braced for the surge of traffic associated with New Year's resolutions to stop smoking.

Tacoma, WA ( FreightNet ) January 5, 2009 -- (, the website of the Stop Smoking Foundation, has launched an informative series of pages aimed at helping people around the world stop smoking. The Stop Smoking Foundation's efforts are focused on outcomes-based solutions for anyone who is serious about stopping smoking.

"We want everyone to know that there's support," said Rachel Jeffers, the Stop Smoking Foundation's media relations expert. "No one who wants to stop smoking today should ever have to worry about not having free stop smoking aids, free stop smoking programs, the benefits of stopping, and what to expect when you stop smoking," Jeffers said.

Stop Smoking Foundation staffers spent hundreds of hours polling former smokers to discover which methods helped them stop smoking. A surprising variety of quitting methods was used, including hypnosis, nicotine patches and nasal spray, nicotine patches, shots, prescription medications like Chantix, Zyban and Wellbutrin, and even herbal remedies and acupuncture. The results surprised the staff.

"No one knew how many methods there were to stop smoking," Jeffers stated. "Each of us had stopped smoking on our own, using differing methods. We'd discussed how we had stopped smoking among ourselves. But no one really knew how many different ways there were to stop smoking." Jeffers went on, "We were also really surprised by how effective some of the remedies were."

"The prevalence of herbal remedies, and their apparent effectiveness, really came as a shock," Jeffers noted. "It is clear to us that there are highly effective herbal solutions available over the counter to help people stop smoking." Furthermore, Jeffers said, "If a friend or relative of mine were to ask, I'd recommend stop smoking herbs ( in a heartbeat." Key herbal ingredients include lobelia, passion flower, ginger root, skullcap and eleuthero root.

With New Year's Day Eve imminent, and the subsequent renunciation of smoking and related resolutions, the Stop Smoking Foundation is bracing for a deluge of visitors. "The first week of the new year sees the biggest spike in searches related to stopping smoking, quitting smoking and the easiest ways to kick nicotine addiction. We want to make sure we're prepared to handle the flood of traffic -- and help every single visitor stop smoking."

The Stop Smoking Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the goal of a smoke-free America, and a smoke-free world. The Stop Smoking Foundation is staffed primarily by former smokers and people who have left big tobacco corporations to work together to help everyone who wants to stop smoking. Do you want to stop smoking? You can get free help online, 24 hours a day, at


Tacoma, WA



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