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Technology Information Corporation’s Wave Optimizer Makes Wave Solder Process Easier, With Better Results

“Technology Information Corporation wave solder optimizer lowers production cost of wave solder process.”

Rockville, Maryland ( Freightnet ) May 6th, 2008 -- With its documented track record of success, more engineers rely on the Wave Optimizer to eliminate their wave soldering defects and lower their daily production costs than any other device in the world.

Today's complex boards make wave solder defects among the most expensive process failures in the PCB assembly industry. While defects are responsible for the high cost of inspection, touch-up, rework and field failures, Technology Information Corporation’s ( ) surprisingly simple methods for attacking and eliminating wave soldering defects like bridges, shorts, insufficients, skips, solder balls and icicles have been proven and documented at thousands of PCBA facilities throughout the world.

For example, process engineers have learned that the direct measurement of their boards' immersion depth in the solder wave is critical to quality, since immersion depth variations alter dwell time itself, and therefore defect rates. Those engineers acquiring this daily process data are enjoying less headaches, dramatically fewer defects, and new accolades from management as touch and rework have dropped quickly and significantly.

Another popular breakthrough is known as The Secret Technique of Marking Your Fingers. This method eliminates finger variations as a cause of wave solder ( ) defects. This has proven critical in the elimination of board quality variations and the cause of many bridges and skips. The new paradigm is that rail-to-wave parallelism cannot possibly ensure board-to-wave parallelism.

Everybody knows that even when daily process data verifies the repeatability of your wave machines, this does not mean your board quality will be defect free. The key is to identify the specific dwell time for each board type that produces the fewest defects for that particular assembly. This is the giant step forward in wave solder process control.....engineers now use the methods of wave process optimization, producing world class quality and the lowest wave soldering costs possible.

By identifying all optimal parameters and maintaining precise repeatability, the guess work previously required is removed, rework hours are reduced, rejects are virtually eliminated, and set-up time is shortened. The result: Better boards, higher throughput and a significant reduction in your daily costs and hassles.

Technology Information Corporation ( ) has been the industry leader in wave solder defect elimination and process control since 1992, and continues to make the wave solder process easier, with better results.


Martin Ingall

Technology Information Corporation

240-221-0650 (Phone)



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