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White label dating clients suffer the premium rate catastrophe

EasyDate is offering an alternative white label dating service to ensure clients can generate revenue without entering the premium rate arena EasyDate is offering an alternative white label dating service to ensure clients can generate revenue without entering the premium rate arena.

Edinburgh, UK June 8, 2007

A recently published Panorama report highlighted the risks involved in premium rate phone services for consumers and the effects are now being felt by the dating industry. Companies who setup white labeled dating sites which featured premium rate services as the main revenue generators have found themselves caught in a less than favourable position.

A white label dating provider enables companies to have their own dating sites in their own domains and promote them under their own branding. EasyDate has brought to the dating market a white label service with a solid commercial model, a solution which does not rely on premium rate revenue.

Before the increase in popularity of social networking and community sites, EasyDate realised where the dating market was heading and developed a plan to integrate new features to its white label dating solution. The company completed the integration stage and the service now includes user generated content tools, web 2.0 features, instant messaging, audio-video chats and mobile dating.

A wide variety of website owners have added dating services to their portfolios to widen their audience, generate additional revenues and offer fresh content to their customers. Newspapers, media groups, magazine publishers and mobile networks are amongst them.

Some of these dating sites used to generate revenue through the premium rate model, making their customers pay an inflated rate for actions such as retrieving a recorded message from an answering machine; however, online consumers now understand the implications of such services and have turned their eyes towards the dating services they trust.

EasyDate has been in the dating scene since 2002 and it is now a leading dating provider for both consumers and white label clients. They have made sure their white label dating service includes all the dating features that today's internet users expect. At the same time, it has created a solution which has proved financially viable for clients in the long-term.

The company's business partners can enjoy the benefits of working with a market leader who has the vision to develop services which will meet the needs of the new digital consumer and the ability to generate additional revenue streams.

Outstanding in-house technical resources, full flexibility and client support throughout the lifetime of the contract also make EasyDate a white label partner who delivers during the early and mature stages of the partnership. Their solution is difficult to resist when above all, guarantees partners 100% dating revenue.

EasyDate definitely has the key strengths that breed long-lasting and profitable online business relationships. The company's white label dating solution will stand the test of time.

Sean Wood, Marketing Manager at EasyDate said: "We have built our business model around a reliable paid subscription service and have deliberately avoided the Premium rate telephone interaction method as a primary revenue source. In the early stages of setting up our white label dating package we identified risks involved with offering the Premium rate services, mostly in relation to potential changes in regulations and the much lower revenue share we could offer to potential partners. Instead our subscription service which is paid by credit or debit card is the main revenue stream and on balance offers a more secure income for our clients.

Premium rate telephone services are then offered to members as a secondary revenue stream and this has proven to be a very successful model.

Another factor in determining the outline of our proposal was to ensure a solid membership growth plan which would benefit our white label partners by giving their users an ever-increasing database of singles and so ensuring loyalty and return visits."

About EasyDate Ltd

Easydate Ltd are an Edinburgh based online dating agency with a network of dating sites including the well known

The company's flagship site, was launched initially in 2002 and has built up an impressive membership of almost 1.5 million members.


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Contact details:

Dinorah Imrie

EasyDate Ltd

T: 0131 226 4890



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