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TRANSAID Interview with Sally “Traffic’ Boazman in preparation for Cycle Kenya

Sally joined BBC Radio 2 in 1998 and is well known to listeners for her travel reports and regular chats on the Chris Evans, Steve Wright and Jeremy Vine shows where she is affectionately known as 'Sally Traffic'. Sally's talents do not stop at broadcasting. She is an accomplished writer and an outstanding singer.

Press Release

Sally, you are one of 27 participants in Transaids Cycle Kenya in November. What attracted you to the challenge?

Even though I have lived around the world, I have never been to Africa and Kenya is a dream of mine. Cycling over 400km of Kenyas most beautiful landscapes and seeing, first hand, the issues which impact this country is an opportunity I could not turn down.

Good transport is something most of us take for granted but in Africa lack of it can often mean life or death. Transaid works with local partners to improve the way that transport is managed and give people better access to basic services like healthcare and livelihood opportunities.

I feel passionate about helping people benefit from safe and affordable transport which will improve the health and daily lives of the poorest of children and families in the areas that need it the most. As a group, we are hoping to raise over GBP 70,000 to help Transaid do what they do best. Transaid is a great charity and Im really glad to offer my support.

How did you get to know about Transaid and its work across Africa?

Being involved in the transport and logistics industry, Transaid is a charity close to our hearts. We understand that transport is often overlooked in the developing world and that Transaid can bridge this gap. The industry across the UK and Europe understands the important role Transaid plays and I feel privileged to offer support in any way I can.

Working on Radio 2 every weekday and releasing your first coffee table book in October. How do you find time to train and prepare for a challenge this November?

This year has been an amazingly busy period of my life, but also incredibly exciting and rewarding. Consequently, I would have started my training earlier, so am now just concentrating in getting time in the saddle. I will be clocking up the hours over the next few weeks in order to physically and emotionally prepare so that I get the most out of Kenya and the challenge. I also dont want to be the last finishing everyday!

What type of bike will you be using in preparation for Cycle Kenya?

I'm going to be training, and hopefully participating, on a bike being supplied to me by Land Rover. They're experts when it comes to 4x4s so it stands to reason a 2x2 version should be pretty good off road as well. Im currently awaiting delivery of the bike, and Land Rover has kindly donated it so it can be auctioned off afterwards to raise funds for Transaid.

Do you need to consider nutrition in preparation for the Cycle Kenya; and are you expecting any culinary surprises during your stay in Kenya?

Absolutely! Nutrition is so important in training for a challenge such as this. I have done some reading around the subject, plus obtained lots of tips from the other participants. Drinking lots of water and eating the correct balance of foods, especially carbohydrates, is essential to getting fit for November. I am also a great fan of fresh juices; I drink one every single morning, and incorporate a mixture of fruit and vegetables. This is the best way to get your vits!"

I hope to be pleasantly surprised in Kenya! I dont think there will be any bush tucker trial type meals, but with so much fresh produce available in Kenya, I am looking forward to tasty, healthy and fresh meals during my stay.

You are hugely popular with the listeners with eight million tuning in every day to BBC Radio 2; are you flattered to have a huge UK & European following and were you aware that even trucks are named after you?

I never thought I would have trucks named after me!! It is always great to know that people enjoy listening to you and that keeps me motivated to always be on top of my game. I love working on Radio 2 and see my job as both communicator of essential information and entertainer. My book encompasses much of my experiences and I hope it serves as an aid and something interesting to read.

Do you think you will be a mentor and a support for Transaids other cyclists?

I am so looking forward to meeting the other cyclists. We are all in contact by email and regularly share tips on training and fundraising. As for being a mentor, I would like to be more of a figurehead for Transaid and the Cycle Kenya team. I am sure we will all do our best to support each other during the 10 day trip.

Do you love sports in general? What other hobbies do you make time for?

I am proud to be able to say that my job is also my hobby and any spare time is usually spent catching up with family and friends. While I am not a sports fanatic, I do go to the gym almost every day, and swim a lot. However, all this activity has had no impact whatsoever on my size 16 figure! But Im a great believer in keeping everything moving, because if you dont use it, you may lose it!

Does 2008 hold anything exciting for you?

With the Cycle Kenya challenge under my belt, I will be looking to support Transaid next year as they celebrate 10 years of operation in 2008 and will be doing my best to strengthen their efforts. The new book is also exciting for me and the opportunities it creates. Other than that, I want to concentrate on my work at Radio 2.

Note to Editor:

Transaid ( ) is an international development agency that aims to improve peoples quality of life in the developing world by making transport more available and affordable. It was founded by Save The Children and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK) and works by sharing skills and knowledge with local people to enable them to put in place and manage efficient transport systems.

Transaids core work includes creating transport management systems for the public sector and assisting with the provision of professional driving qualification development and the training of driver trainers. It also assists with teaching preventive vehicle maintenance management and introducing local, low cost transport solutions including its innovative bicycle ambulance. Transaid also helps promote HIV, AIDS and road safety awareness and shares its specialist knowledge with the humanitarian aid sector.

Transaid enjoys strong backing from the transport and logistics industry and the active involvement of its patron, HRH The Princess Royal.


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